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01234567890liRose garden is located at the top of the mountain an ancient building garden, is not far from the bear park. Here not only planted with hundreds of flowers such as roses, irises, and cuckoo, also owns overlooking the Bern old city the best Angle and bending aare river flow. In flowering to the rose garden, beautiful flowers and plants landscape a person be intoxicated more. Plants such as beautiful flowers, you can see has a long history in the rose garden fountains and elegant buildings. The top of the mountain there is a rose garden restaurant, enjoy authentic Swiss cuisine, while overlooking the panoramic view of Bern, enjoy very much.
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Historical Architecture
01234567890liBuilt in 1848, the federal parliament is the seat of the Swiss government, stands in the Murray river. Regular visitors can register a tour group to visit the houses of parliament, a thorough understanding of the federal capital of hundred years history. The dome of the Capitol building has a tall beams and green appearance, reveal the style of the Italian Renaissance. Beautifully decorated inside, has the statue of the founding fathers, Switzerland, and a light chandeliers, consisting of 214 bulbs against the stained glass dome, very brilliant. The square in front of the building is the place that the local party and leisure activities, summer can appreciate the beautiful fountains and spectacular light show, and will become a great skating rink in winter. In addition, there are also rich and colorful activities and classic Bern (onion market) and Christmas market, etc
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Famous Residences
01234567890liEinstein''s former residence at 49 krumm street, old town is located in Bern, only 200 meters from the famous Bern bell tower. Einstein and his family rented between 1903-1905 in this small suite, you can now in the first glimpse of the great physicist. On the first floor of the apartment has been transformed into the coffee shop and restaurant, went up the stairs turn a corner is Einstein''s former residence. In fact apartment is very small, the room is a door between separated into two and a half. The second half of the small room has a desk, used the original was Einstein. Table and the wall with a famous mass energy equation: E = MC squared. It was in 1905, Einstein published four papers, including on the special theory of relativity, in physics has the epoch-making significance, so in 1905, also known as the "Einstein''s" miracle year
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Featured Neighborhood
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
01234567890liBern, old city was built in the 12th century, assemble the essence of medieval European architecture, and is listed as a world cultural heritage. Here the original wooden buildings destroyed by medieval fire several times, then reconstruction of stone building construction. Walk among them, the historical site everywhere, showing the history of the style. The mystery of the ancient city of the middle ages from shun street justice to bend in the river over a bridge, you came to this piece of Bern''s oldest areas. Round the brightness of the streets, paved with stone streets connected to other arcade, red tile white walls'' old houses, each have allusions street color column fountain, clock tower in the 16th century and gothic cathedral was built in 1421, are ancient sweet patina, the mystery of the middle ages. Fountain on the streets of the old city has a lot of fountain, so Bern, also known as "water city".
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Historical Architecture
01234567890liThis was founded in the 13th century the huge clock tower is the symbol of the city of Berne, is also one of the most famous sights in the old quarter. It is part of the west gate, and now see appearance is rebuilt after the fire in the 15th century. Despite repeated repairs, the old clock tower is still in the precise time, excellent mechanical technologies is really surprising. Tower has a set of multifunctional chronometer, in addition to display time, season and astrology, every four minutes before the hour or so, there will be wonderful time show the doll. Every time the little doll spinning out colorful clock tower at the top of the time, have attracted a large number of visitors to a stop.
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01234567890liFood tong also called ogre fountain, fountain in Bern, the granary of the old town square, was built in the 16th century. The whole fountain sculpture is a seated ogres are swallowed a naked child, next to the a bag, there are more children, they practiced, intended to scare not obedient child. This sculpture fountain is only a few steps away from the famous Bern tower, used to replace the 15 th-century wooden fountains. Fountain sculpture is full of dark medieval style fairy tale, you''ll never forget.

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