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Things To Do in Bodrum

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M34***68The castle, also known as St. Peter's Castle, was built by the knights based on Rhode Island in the 15th century. By the time of the Suleiman Empire, the Ottoman Empire expanded its territory and its borders, losing its importance. It was converted into a prison in 1895, where over 700 prisoners were held. Now it is valued as the world's number one museum of wrecked ships, giving a panoramic view of Bodrum.
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138***98This is the mausoleum of Mossolas, the governor of the ancient kingdom of Kalia in the 11th century BC. It is known as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world due to its unique architectural design, grand architectural scale and exquisite carvings inside and outside the tomb. An earthquake in the 12th century and the stones transported to reinforce the fortress in the early 16th century caused great damage to the royal tombs, and only a few ruins remain today. The unearthed sculpture fragments and other cultural relics are currently in the British Museum.
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Little_monster_2018This boat show is linked to the underwater museum item, so I came here after the visit. You can clearly see some historical relics and you have to charge a separate ticket here. Not too many people are worth seeing
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138***98The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology was established in 1964. Its predecessor was the Bodrum Church. After the renovation of the castle, it exhibited cultural relics and is one of the world-famous underwater museums. Including 14 exhibition halls, a large number of shipwreck cultural relics obtained from underwater archaeology are exhibited, and are equipped with exquisite display boards and cultural relic introductions. The exhibits are rich and extremely interesting. The glass cultural relics in the glass exhibition hall are all stored in dark showcases. Only the low light at the bottom allows visitors to better appreciate the markings and colors of the glass. The Uluburun Shipwreck Exhibition Hall was established in 1999 and houses the wrecked ships discovered by archaeology from 1984 to 1995. The earliest ships date back to the 14th century BC. The items on board include various exquisite glass products, copper ingots, gold coins, merchant cargo, porcelain, etc.
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Historical Site
tt梦幻小妖Turkey has too many buildings from ancient Rome, and they have been kept and visited as scenic spots. Although bodrum amphitheater is a bit remote, I like the romance of historical vicissitudes, and stories are everywhere