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Things To Do in Capital Department

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乐天的静The Cathedral of Cordoba is located next to Plaza San Martin in the city center and is the largest church in Cordoba. The exterior of the church is bright yellow, which is quite beautiful under the blue sky. When I walked around, I didn't have any special feeling. It was suitable for taking photos and it was quite large.
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乐天的静This is a beautiful historical building built by the Jesuits. It opened its first university in Argentina. This place has a great library, a small museum with amazing old and well-preserved books, a variety of maps showing the changes in South America over the centuries, and the local exquisiteness Sculpture. Not to mention a comfortable inner courtyard, which invites you to sit down and just consider the surrounding space.
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Modern Architecture
zhulei831230This theater can be visited even if you don't go to see the performance inside. It was built in the same way as a European-style theater, but it is said to be relatively historic, and it is indeed very beautiful to watch.
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Historical Site
乐天的静Although I have read reports about this attraction, it surprised me when I was walking in this area last night. This place used to be a prison for women, after some restoration and redesign, it is now a tourist attraction with various bars and art exhibitions. The highlight of the whole experience is the music and light show: this is an attractive exhibition that ends the day in this magnificent city!
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112***81There are not many exhibits in the collection, and the level is very average.
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112***81Happened to be able to encounter a religious ceremony going on inside.