County Cork
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Things To Do in Cork

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Historical Architecture
阡茔[Scenery] Came here when the cherry blossoms were in bloom, the sun was shining, the flowers were in full bloom, and the swan opened its arms in front of it, which was too romantic. [Fun] The castle has a long history and the steps are a bit narrow. If you want to go to the top floor, you must wear good walking shoes. There is a true love stone on the top, but because it was during the epidemic, someone was in charge of guarding it to stop kissing. But the different scenery at high places is still worth climbing, and the view overlooking the garden from the top is shown in the figure. [Value for money] You can go shopping for a long time and it is worth a visit. There is a bus to the center of Cork, which is convenient for travel. Tickets are not expensive, and student tickets are also discounted.
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juki235The Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne is one of the famous churches in Cork. The architecture of the church is very atmospheric, and the interior decoration is also extremely luxurious, especially his detectives and the murals on the walls. The colors are very gorgeous and look very beautiful. Elegance and sacred.
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juki235St. Finbar’s Church is the most famous church in Cork. It has a history of more than 200 years. The white exterior wall makes him look very holy. The two pointed towers can be climbed and visited. You can stand on the towers. Overlooking the Old Town of Cork, it is worth visiting first.
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Featured Neighbourhood
juki235Paul street is a commercial street along the river in Cork. The commerce here is very prosperous. There are many small shops along the street, which sell many very distinctive products. You may wish to stroll around and choose them as tourist souvenirs. Very good, very memorable.
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Historical Architecture
M44***33Elizabeth Fort was built in 1601 and was an important military fortress at that time. The city of Cork can be seen from Fort Elizabeth. On Sunday, the Elizabeth Fort Market sells craft products and food from Ireland. It’s free, it’s not big, it takes about 30 minutes to walk around, there is a small jail, where to go to sentence, make explosives, and beheaded.
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M27***23It's a pretty good spot in downtown Cork. I went there on Halloween and prepared some activities for children to find black cats, make up, and blow balloons.