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Geological Sites
穿白衬衣的薄荷星Chinese geology Bermuda, as if intruding into the alien planet! The legendary alien planet zidaozhao graphite park, the heart of the yearning finally got complete! The weather of sugarcane changes, just to the scenic gate of the rain poured, the heart bottom was disappointed, did not want to a quarter of an hour to see the sun, blue sky white clouds re-appeared, the heart of the joy is self-evident. -🏷 Scenic Area: Molith Park 📍 Location: Daowi County 215 Provincial Road 🎫 Tickets: 60 yuan / person, sightseeing car 20 yuan / person 🈺 Time: 9.00-18.00 (16.30 Stop ticketing) 🍲 Food: near Tagong Temple ⛩ Nearby Attractions: Tagong Temple, Tagong Grassland · Chinese Molith Park Scenic Area is a national 4A level tourist attraction, It is also known as the "Eighth Beautiful Landscape Avenue in China", which is also known as the Center of Geology Science and the World Geological Wonders and the Plateau Stone Forest Landscape. The Molith Park is located at the junction of Kama Village and Zhonggu Village, Bamei Town, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, and is located in the core of National Highway 318, the most beautiful landscape avenue in China. It is close to the famous scenic spots such as Danba Meiren Valley, Kangding Xindu Bridge and Yajiang Kangba Hanzi Village. Sichuan-Tibet Highway is 400 meters away. The area is 5 square kilometers, about 3500 meters above sea level, is the transfer station of the conch of Shangri-La to the soul of Shangri-La Daocheng Aden. Here has the magnificent grassland, the wetland, the magical inkstone, the characteristic folk houses, the plateau flower sea, the golden color autumn, the white tower holy temple, the sunrise and sunset eight wonders. "Spring to enjoy the summer, autumn to see the forest winter to snow" is the characteristics of the year-round scenery, and the natural landscape of the continuous in the Xianshuihe fault zone is a unique here! The scenic area has the unique mylonite forest in the world, which is formed by the seabed water diagenesis rising gradually with the movement of the crust, crushed by powerful geostresses, and then eroded by wind and rain. At present, similar metamorphic rock forest landscape has not been reported in China, and is very rare in the world. Its unique geological structure is called "Chinese geology Bermuda" by experts. Compared to other stone forests, the Hachime forest changes color, and in spring and winter, it is light gray and blue, and in summer and autumn, it is bright blue, and in winter, the whole stone forest is covered with a private blue veil, and it corresponds to the white snow, and it is not as beautiful as human beings. Bamei Stone Forest not only has different colors all year round, but also different colors within a day. It is mainly related to the air humidity and the sunshine irradiation. Being in it, Qiruo Maze ~·The shock and pressure of Qishan Stones come to us. It seems to open the gate of exotic planets. Magnificent magical world, instantly letting you understand what nature's magical work
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滇国剑客Bamei Town, in fact, there is enough to satisfy the tourists to visit the view mood. This is the emperor scenery is beautiful, will snow mountain, Tibetan Village, strawberry and Dian a variety of beautiful scenery together.
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Snow Mountain
我也爱边牧Yarashue Mountain is located in Kangding, road, Danba county junction, the road is newly repaired, along the way many observation platforms, the scenery is mainly meadow, snow mountain, sea, the highest altitude 5820 meters.
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脚步丈量天涯的人Longdeng grassland is located in the northern part of Ganzi province in Bamei Town, here is located in the edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the elevation is relatively high, out of the middle spring, the local climate is still relatively cold, grassland has not turned green.
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Ancient Pagoda
118***20The Daocheng White Pagoda is also called Zunsheng Tallinn. It is the gateway to Daocheng. It consists of a main tower and 108 small towers. Every day, people come to pass through. The 108 small towers of Zunsheng Tallinn are the Buddha Shakyamuni, and the main tower is Zunsheng Buddha. Zunsheng Buddha mother, sound: "Lang Juema", is one of the three longevity statues, the main longevity. The night view of the White Tower is very beautiful and spectacular, and it is worth seeing.
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M43***17The milk sea, commonly known as the Dao Yi La Cuo, is a milky-white sea in Tibetan. The biggest difference between the sea and the milk sea in the Aden scenic area is that it is surrounded by mountains and forests, in addition to the oysters. It is a natural scenic spot integrating the plateau lake, snowy mountains and forests. I hope you like the natural beautiful scenery, like the travel of the quick action!

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