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Snow Mountain
Sichuan RenA beautiful get away and only 2.5 hours by car. Tons of snow and good food. Definitely a 2 day trip, so make time for it. There is a small area to ski and other fun activities for children and non skiers. The hot air balloon only goes up to a short height, stays there for about 5 minutes then descends. not worth the money.
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binger1031The tickets for Liu's Manor include three points: Liu Wencai Residence, Liu's ancestral home, and the treasure museum. You can go to see it for 2 hours. Anren ancient town and Jianchuan Museum are also nearby. If you play together at 3 attractions, it is recommended to buy a battery ticket, the distance between the attractions is a bit far. Liu Wencai, the name of our generation is not strange, nor familiar. In the green bamboo, the Liu's manor, there are the style of the Chinese feudal magnificence, the western castle and church architecture. The story of the big sculpture "rent-collecting yard" in the backyard of the manor is the epitome of the period. Spring and autumn has been over dozens of years, winding corridors like time corridors, telling the Liu family's rise and fall, the end of an era, always can find the traces of the years left. Spring and winter, flowers blooming and thanking, no one can stop the seasons, history changes. After the most brilliant journey, Liu's Manor floats and sinks in time, and remains intact in the rough, becoming a portrait of the times.
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Flower Fields
_We***75It is a nice to go and unwind with kids and just to walk around this beautiful park.
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Hot Springs Resort
蓝天白云 VHuashuiwan Resort is a very good hot spring, gardens and greenery, beautiful scenery, comfortable environment, convenient parking, thoughtful service, hot spring soup pool more, hot spring vacation, parent-child activities, leisure and entertainment are suitable.
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Ancient Settlement
binger1031Next to Liu's Manor, the core scenic spot is not big, 1 hour can go shopping, but a lot of new matching antique block. Blue bricks and tiles, stone streets, the original style of the mansion... all quietly tell the old Xianghua, sitting together with tea people chat about the past of the ancient town. A few handmade chicken feather stools, on the side of the window, quietly guarded the time of a long time, hanging that long-distance memory on the wall. The clock of the bell tower is still rotating, sent away the years, also sent away the most prosperous time of the ancient town. The trolley that passes through time and space, in Anren ancient town, is a moving landscape. The old trolley that shakes slowly comes, as if to the distant space. Time inverts at this moment, we are like back to the past. The ancient town in the quiet waiting for the years, the years in the "Bang... Bang... Bang..." in the crisp sound of the far, the constant is still moving forward the brake.
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杰布朗1991"For peace, collect war; for the future, collect lessons; for peace, collect disaster; for inheritance, collect folklore", the university was full of yearning for the Jianchuan Museum, today finally all the exhibition halls, why China, why China, we should protect the creation of ancestors, the flow of water, The contest is endless.

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About Dayi

Dayi is a county under the jurisdiction of Chengdu, about an hour's drive from downtown Chengdu. The magnificent Xiling Snow Mountain is within the county, and there is also Anren Ancient Town, which is full of the Republican Era spirit. Visitors can come enjoy the natural charm of the snow-capped mountains, or go to the ancient town to feel the area’s nostalgia. For history buffs, visitors can go to the Jianchuan Museum to learn about the tragedies and the resistance of people during the Anti-Japanese War.

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