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Fangshan District
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Fangshan District Travel Guide

Fangshan District is located in Beijing (Beijing, China). It has many popular attractions, including Haotian Park, Changyang Park, making it a good choice for travelers.
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Experience Fangshan District

What to Do
Looking for things to do in Fangshan District? We provide up-to-date info on everything from must-see scenic spots to local hangouts.
The Palace Museum
Nearby City
4.8/5147,214 Reviews
Summer Palace
Nearby City
4.7/541,244 Reviews
Beijing World Park
Nearby City
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Beijing Wildlife Park
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4.7/523,354 Reviews
Temple of Heaven
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Old Summer Palace
Nearby City
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Prince Gong's Mansion
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Happy Valley Beijing
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Beijing Automobile Museum
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Beijing Garden Expo Park
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Tiananmen Square
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Happy Cube Water Park
Nearby City
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Where to Stay
Discover the most popular places to stay in Fangshan District, complete with recommendations from fellow travelers and special hotel offers.
Taoxi Xiaoyuan Guesthouse
4.8/540 Reviews
Hampton by Hilton
4.7/51,454 Reviews
4.0/5166 Reviews
Beijing Yunxin Xiaozhu
Shidu Jingye hotel
4.8/5147 Reviews
Shangpin Holiday Hotel
4.5/5327 Reviews
4.4/535 Reviews

Discover the Real Fangshan District With a Local Expert

Shidu Nature Park
Fangshan Xianqidong
Beijing Fangshanpo Fengling Autumn is good. If you are still present~ The most beautiful autumn in Beijing is quietly coming. The hillside peaks and red leaves are slowly entering the best viewing period and ready to punch. ? Pofengling is located in Huangshandian Village, Zhoukoudian Town, Fangshan, Beijing. Here, you can enjoy the spring in the spring, enjoy the summer in the summer, enjoy the red leaves in the autumn, and enjoy the scenery in the winter. It is definitely a magical place. . Tips: Best viewing date: Same day to mid-November Tickets: 50 yuan Transportation: Take the subway to Fangshan Chengguan Station and transfer to the bus to the slope Get off at Fengling Scenic Area. Tips: It is best to stagger Saturdays and Sundays. Choose to travel by car to Friendly recommendation: There are many boutique B&Bs here. For example, the house is full of flowers and clouds. It is suitable for families or friends.
The red leaf season is coming! Beijing suburbs climbing mountains are not tired of beautiful scenery [red leaves] self-driving one and a half hours to enjoy the red leaves good place, Fangshanpo Fengling scenic area now only a few In part, the words are only partial, and most of them are still green. Yellow eucalyptus on the hill, five-pointed maple and a lot of trees that you don't know. All red, red half, still green, with a little yellow, some beautiful, dew on the leaves. Estimated that there is not enough light because of the sudden drop in temperature. Full Red is estimated to wait another week or more, and it will be red at this time in previous years. Mountain road is very good to go, not tired to climb. There are several forks in the mountain, one side is steeper and the side is slower. Not far from the pavilion, there is a sign that writes down the mountain, so don't go the same way up and down the mountain, there are fewer people in the near road, good-looking, and there is a feeling of the back mountain. This short road can pass through the Yunshi Stone House B&B and there is a suspension bridge. [Best uphill time] It turns out that it is wise to stay one night in advance. After breakfast at the hotel, it will go up at 8:00 in the morning, few people, even It is Saturday. When it comes out at 11 o'clock, the big force Wuyang Wuyang... [Landscape eat, drink, and play] In addition to the view, walk from the near road to the "stone house" in the stone house "There are non-legacy folk crafts." The persimmon of the cloth is really like, look good, in fact, it is a small pocket, you can wrap a small cup. Autumn, harvest season, old corn, old melon, pumpkin... There is a big collection at the entrance of the scenic spot, selling food and drink, agricultural and sideline products, figs, dried persimmons, bread, snacks / Hh / [accommodation] surrounding accommodation recommended: 1 home: a large yard, you can separate two small yards, one is a big three, a small three-bedroom, including afternoon tea, breakfast / dinner 2 Astragalus flowers open, many yards, recommended No. 6 courtyard, the patchwork has a good look, the No. 3 hospital is also OK, there are No. 9, see more people less 3 Tao Ye Gu: decoration style is more rural, only breakfast, Many large boudoirs, not bad above three are in Huangshandian Village, squatting, a few minutes drive from Pofeng Ridge. Free parking in the village, sufficient parking space 4 cloud on the stone house: more rural, only breakfast, only this home is in the scenic area above are cheaper on weekdays, weekends expensive 1000 / Hh/ other tips * I suggest you don't want to live here, or come early. I dont know on weekdays, it is estimated that there will be fewer people * red leaf season tickets 50, usually 30
Knight Rider
How many years ago, Po Fengling was still a wilderness ridge that was not known to the mountains. Autumn is getting stronger, and in a week, Pofengling will transform into a red ocean. The red leaves of Pofengling are not only bright and colorful, but also have a clear view. The autumn mountain in Pofengling is still dreamy than the colorful clouds. The same will make you linger, because you will fall in love with the red maple leaf. This is the lovable Fangshan Zhoukoudian Youyi Mountain, this is the peak of people who are drunk! We should use the heart of discovery to feel the beauty of Po Fengling, and use the grateful heart to taste the red leaves that give us the shock. Stay overnight at the foot of the Huanghuahuakai B&B and feel the tranquility of the mountains.
There are more people in Beijing during the holidays? Recommended Beijing niche destination: you can see the starry sky of Shidu! In the eyes of everyone, Beijing has a long-lasting smog and a steady stream of tourists, especially wanting to give everyone an Amway a small treasure in Beijing: Shidu Scenic Area! Shidu is located in the suburbs of Beijing. The Shidu Scenic Area is a river valley formed by the Juhe River cutting the northern end of the Taihang Mountains. It is a sparsely populated area with fresh air and a reputation as a small Guilin in the north. Here, at night, you can see the clear and bright Milky Way! I didn't expect to have such a fairy place in Beijing~ We live in a special RV camp located in the valley. We can open a bonfire party at night, sing and drink beer... You can go to the karting club near the camp during the daytime. Run a few laps. Self-driving tourists can also play in the surrounding Shidu~~hh/ no longer have to worry about holidays to Beijing. You can only watch the people~ Shidu you deserve to have der, the National Day walks!
Coco Wang
Silver Fox Cave, a real mystery silver fox hole in the constant temperature of 13 ° C, broke into the heart to know that I was isolated from the silver fox for hundreds of millions of years ... silver fox hole live This fox is not a normal fox. As for how old it is, it is unclear. It is only white and white, and the roots of the hair are clearly distinguishable. If you want to see it must be drilled into the underground 100 meters, you can see its beauty. Said so lively, what is it? Yinhu Cave is located in Fouzhuang Township, Fangshan District, Beijing, Xiayingshui Village, 60 kilometers away from the urban area. It is the only natural scenic cave that integrates the open water and dry caves in North China. The characteristic landscape is a snow-white calcite crystal that is nearly 2 meters long and resembles a cat-headed fox body. The silver fox is the first to be discovered in the world. It is known as the natural wonder and the Chinese national treasure.
#,# The peak cross-country sports park, also known as the first slope in the world, integrates mountain cross-country, hiking cross-country, mountain sightseeing and accommodation, surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. Jump on the go-kart, feel the speed of the ride, experience the most exciting heartbeat, and the moment of joy rushes to the top of the brain.

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