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Things To Do in Gloucester

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TodemmyThe scenery is really beautiful! The scenery is really beautiful. The observation deck is specially designed, transparent and light, with binoculars, a good place to hide from the wind. Lots of stones of different shapes. It is very windy here, I regret dressing less. If you want to chase the aurora, the tour guide said that it takes 1.5 hours to walk from the observation deck
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01234567890liStephen port, located in the state of new south wales in Australia, north of Sydney, known as "blue heaven", the collection of fishing, whale watching, rowing, smooth sand, fly, outdoor barbecue. About two and a half hour''s drive from Sydney, drive to is very convenient.
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136***62The dolphin watching in Port Stephens, Australia is so unique. When we meet up close, the dolphins will jump in front of us, jumping under the boat and swimming in groups. If you are lucky, you will jump on the boat to meet you and take pictures. It's a harbour worth visiting.
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zhweieianna bay is an attraction that is half the sea and half the beach, so you can play sandboarding here. It is to take a skateboard to slide down a sloped sand slope by hand. Controlled by hand is an absolute handbrake! I was a little scared, but it was actually very fun and not dangerous at all. It is a bit tired to climb to the top of the sand slope every time I finish sliding. Mainly the beach is not covered at all. If the weather is very hot, it feels like you will be exposed to the sun.
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Boat Tour
Dolphin Watching
358***33The Moonshade Dolphin Watching Cruise is a cruise for watching dolphins in Nelson Bay, Sydney. The ship is relatively large, especially the hull is very wide, and it runs very smoothly. There are many dolphins here, and watching them swim in groups, the scene is spectacular. The facilities of the dolphin watching boat are also very good, and a rich buffet will be provided to tourists. I feel that the 22 yuan AUD ticket is very worthwhile
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凤凤吖吖first trip to Macquarie Lake and Anna Bay with three very very very nice ​​​friends! ​​​