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Things To Do in Hessen

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_FB***19A must-visit nice little square with photogenic architecture, souvenir shops and Christmas market in December. Great place for an Instagram photo if you could manage to wait till there are not so many tourists in the background.
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本杰明Frankfurt Cathedral, Frankfurt Cathedral, also known as Kaiserdom, Kaiserdom; the emperor was crowned here, also known as the Coronation Church. The main building of the cathedral is a Gothic building with a tower height of 95 meters. Tips: Frankfurt Cathedral is located east of Frankfurt's Roman Forum. Address, Domplatz Frankfurt, Hesse Germany. You can take the U-Bahn to Hauptwache station. Tips: You can browse the nearby area on foot. Frankfurt Cathedral and the Roman Forum are not far from the Main River Cruise Terminal. Walk all the way, watch the scenery, take a few photos as you like, or sit down and have a drink. If there is not much free space in the tourist season, fortunately, there are still. At the time of the conference, although many hotels were full, but fortunately it was not the peak tourist season, so I could calm down. When he was calm, he was not close or far away on the banks of the Main River, opening his eyes lazily. When it was more calm, it was night. When I was calmer, I was in a dream. Although it is Goethe's hometown, he does not feel poetic, only the restlessness of the world and the silence after the prosperity is gone. When the fingers fell, the other bank seemed to be closed; and the horse of dream, as if traveling through time and space, was trapped between the Rhine and Danube at the beginning of the century, and the Romans happened to build the Great Wall connecting the two rivers. This shore and the other shore are actually nothing more than a river, one evil and one dream. After all, it's nothing more than passing on their genes, their will, or their dreams.
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_We***24The Main River is a tributary of the right bank of the Rhine River in Germany. It is a confluence of the Red Main River from Mt. Frank Siam and the White Main River from Mt. Fichtel near Kulmbach, and is injected into the Rhine River in Mainz. It is 524 kilometers long. The watershed area is 2.65 million square kilometers. Annual average flow rate is 170 cubic meters per second. 396 kilometers above the estuary is navigable.
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Famous Residences
E22***53If you are in Frankfurt, consider a visit to this place. Goethe, one of Germany's national poets, was born and spent his youth here. It is the house of his family. There are furniture and several objects related to his family on exhibition. If you have more time, combine this with a visit to Leipzig (where Goethe attended university) and Goethe national museum in Weimar (the city where Goethe spent most of his productive live as a poet).
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E55***54beautiful scenery of the river snd you may take a boat trip to view the city. A good and relaxed way to see the city.
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Modern Architecture
_FB***19It’s huge you won’t miss it! Day or night, it’s easy to photograph.