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Things To Do in Jiangxi

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68848I love San Qing shan! I’ve been twice. It’s less crowded than nearby Huang shan and beautiful! I suggest taking a cable car because it’ll give you more time on the mountain. I still haven’t seen everything.
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Historical Architecture
E20***68The story behind the pavilion is simply amazing. In addition, you should watch the video on how the pavilion was built! Jeez it’s extraordinary! The ancient clothes and cultural artifacts being preserved in this place are simply beautiful
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
碉堡的九哥🌟 Into the ancient temple in the morning, the early sun shines on the Gaolin. 💖 Qujing Pass, the boudoir is deep. 💗 Jiujiang Lushandong Lin Temple can be said to be in the temple I have been to, in my mind Top.1! 🎄 First of all, the whole temple environment is very beautiful, neat and clean. Outside Donglin Temple is a clear stream, the woods are quiet, and when you go to the entrance of Donglin Temple, you are attracted by the beauty of the building. Going further, you find that this place is too comfortable! (The attraction does not need tickets! Each person can take a fragrance for free) ⛳ Donglin Temple has many years of history, is the birthplace of Buddhism (Jingtu sect), has experienced vicissitudes since its construction. The temple flowers bloom, birds contend, but also appears quiet and natural, from time to time wearing the monks go by, come to the incense buddha endless. I have to say, the east forest temple is a wonderful combination of architecture and nature. 📷 From the point of view of photography, Donglin Temple is definitely the best choice for the scenery/person portrait location. Walking through the secluded promenade, the noonday sun just happened to land on the face, and it seems to bring a trace of unspeakable satisfaction. 🏃 Maybe life is alive, everyone needs to bring a trace of satisfaction. 🌈 Everyone who wishes to brush this note can wish to succeed.
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E56***70Wugong mountain is the best and most visited in JiangXi Province... It was a good tourist destination in relieving stress...
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Ancient Settlement
DameDKWhat a beautiful place. Naturally if you are there with a big crowd, you would feel annoyed with all the models and choreographers wannabe’s. if you are able to avoid crowds like we did, then this place offers beautiful Hui architecture, placed at interesting angles on the side of the hill. You can trek in nearby plains and hills. There are various Chinese restaurants selling local food, ice cream bars, and even coffee. There are sufficient toilets which are clean in the area. A must see!
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Theme Park
_AP***73Less queue on Monday afternoon, it’s an awesome experience, i really loved the park, good customer care plus it’s lovely at night😍😍. you can carry your own things to the park be it food or drinks