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Things To Do in Jiangyong

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Ancient Villages
首席监理In Jiangyong County, Hunan Province, there is a traditional village with thousands of years of history. In this village there is a stone carving, which is not only the symbol of this ancient village, but also inscribed with the spread and inheritance of a traditional Confucianism. This village is called Shangganzi village, this side stone carved four big words is also familiar to everyone: "loyalty, honest and clean festival. Loyalty is loyal, filial piety is filial piety, clean is clean, festival is the festival of the qi. Each of these four words, nearly two metres high and about a meter and a half wide, stood quietly by a river running through the village. From a distance, they were so simple and powerful, and so solemn, that they gave a strong impact.
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凌月儿09The Goulan Yao Village is the ancestral home of the Goulan Yao people, and lives in Jiangyong County, Yongzhou. The village has not changed over 1000 years. Especially the ethnic group has not changed, the family name of Yue, Ouyang, Huang and He has not changed. The red earth house with the national characteristics has the cave sky, is a well-preserved paradise. The village has no commercial pollution, no prominent commercial shops, into the village do not need tickets, the village has several villagers self-run homestays to provide food and lodging, is rare to see the original ecology. Generally, there will be travel agencies to take guests to play in the morning, about an hour, they walked the village only sporadic free travel tourists, the village seems particularly quiet and fresh. Here is only 110 kilometers from Yangshuo River in Guilin, closer to Yongzhou City, the state capital, suitable for driving.
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Historical Architecture
艾水立方The Nvshu Garden is located in the Nvshu Museum, so there is no need to buy tickets, but you should check the tickets you bought when you enter the gate of the scenic spot. There are several antique small exhibition halls in the park, the layout of the exhibition halls is reasonable, the exhibits are simple and elegant, giving people a strong sense of beauty. The tour guide will introduce the various knowledge of Nushu to tourists. Finally, please come to the Nvshu class to listen to two young and beautiful Nvshu teachers teaching tourists to read Nvshu characters and sing Nvshu songs. Here, tourists can learn a lot of knowledge and be influenced by traditional culture.
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噼里啪啦[Fun] 😏 😏 😏, a place to go every time you come back. [Value for money] It's a great place to come for free, a perfect place to play for free. [Scenery] Not bad, clean, and airy
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Historical Site
紫紫熏衣草Jiangyong Shanggantang, the oldest ancient village discovered in Hunan so far, is located in Xiachoupu Town, 25 kilometers southwest of Jiangyong County. Shanggantang Village was the seat of Xiemu County, Cangwu County during the Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty. Shanggantang Village is a typical village formed by agglomeration of ethnic groups. Up to now, Shanggantang Village still retains more than 200 houses from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Buildings with typical architectural characteristics of southern Hunan have formed dense residential groups due to the concentration of population and limited construction land. The tall wind and fire walls, strict depth layout, and elegant central axis symmetry, each household is combined with patios to form residential units, which have typical urban residential characteristics. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, facing east and west, it is a large family of 1,865 people. So far, there are more than 100 buildings of Qing Dynasty preserved. The exquisite door-lumber murals and lifelike wood carvings on the screen are amazing.
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那不措女子Jiangyong has a fun original ecological leisure farm, although local people, but has not been to, summer summer good place to summer, the green corridor of the strange melons and fruits should not be missed, the glittering melons and fruits hanging in the air to create a different farm scenery, The next sunrise leisure agriculture park is located in yunshan community, yunshan village, Jiangyong County, Yongzhou City, 9km away from the county, is a modern leisure agriculture park integrated with internet + standard agricultural rural tourism. In 2017, it was named the five-star rural tourist spot in Hunan Province; the leisure agriculture demonstration spot in Hunan Province; the Hunan Provincial Model Industrial Park; and the Hunan Provincial No-Pollution Agricultural Products Production Base. The total investment of 15.4 million yuan in the agricultural park is 415 mu, which includes ecological leisure, greenway melon and fruit promenade sightseeing, fruit and vegetable garden picking, farming culture, agricultural experience, parent-child play experience, rural zoo, team outdoor expansion, classroom training, orchard-style characteristic rural vacation homestay, Farm source juice source food and other projects a farm. Changsha direction Jiangyong Railway Station 30 kilometers, Xiangyupu Expressway 30 kilometers, Xiling Expressway 20 kilometers, 45 kilometers from Gongcheng High-speed Railway Station, Guilin 192 kilometers airport, the whole journey is pain-free and convenient

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