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Things To Do in Yongzhou

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莺语花儿Jiusushan is one of the birthplaces of the Lijiang River. "Guanxi Fairyland", "Qishui Hanqing", "Gaoxia Pinghu" is one of the famous attractions. Jiusushan scenic area, there are a large area of original secondary forests, especially stone, cedar, Banzhu is known as "Jiususanbao."
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凌月儿09Yangmingshan National Forest Park is located in Shuangpai County, Yongzhou. It is adjacent to Xiaoshui to the west, Yongzhou to the east, Guilin to the south (260 kilometers apart), and Hengshan to the north. Most of the mountains are above 1,000 meters above sea level. The main peak is 1,600 meters above sea level. More than a few meters away, there is a Yongzhou microwave transmission tower and antique buildings. It feels great to climb up and overlook the small mountains! The best blooming time for the 10,000-mu azalea sea in Yangmingshan is from the end of April to the beginning of May. We arrived on May 11 and the time was a little bit late. The azaleas on the mountainside were almost withered. Fortunately, the azaleas on the top of the mountain were still red and gorgeous. The competition opened up, and "the best cuckoo red in the world" really deserves its reputation. The Wanshou Temple, located on a granite boulder slope at an altitude of 1,357 meters, is like a ruby inlaid in a green forest. The beauty is fascinating! Unfortunately, due to the impact of the epidemic, it is not open to tourists, and the legendary treasure of the temple’s thousand-year-old silicified wood is also missed. Many devout believers can only worship outside the temple with high incense, leaving a little regret for us who have come from afar. Yangming Mountain was still the Red Sixth Army led by Ren Bishi, Xiao Ke, and Wang Zhen passing here to meet up in Lingling. There are group sculptures and a martyrs memorial tower on the mountain, which is a red journey to relive the Long March. There are many local residents living in the forest park. Many homestays have been built for tourists to rest. The homestays all have restaurants, and you can order meals. The general home cooking is affordable. Tickets are 25 yuan. Play time 3-4 hours. When the weather is good, you can watch the sunrise on the mountain. The self-driving car can drive directly to Wanshou Temple. There are two roads to the top of the mountain. The distance to climb the stairs is only more than 300 meters. The winding road is a bit far away, but the road is flat, 7-800 meters away, and the overall climbing intensity is not very large.
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Memorial Temple
139***13Liuzi Temple will come to Yongzhou "Liuzi Temple", the Song Dynasty to commemorate Liu Zongyuan and built, there are three monuments, Yanyan monument... Yongzhou landscape beauty achieved Liu big brother, his many famous works are Yongzhou touch scenes and works, and his legacy works also achieved Yongzhou. "Yongzhou produces different snakes", "Yongzhou eight Notes" ... Yongzhou's fame is outstanding!
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Geological Sites
_We***43Nice cave... I’m on my own. I take a bus to get there directly, and then take the ten-kuai money from the motorcycle to the cave entrance. Tickets are 30. There will be a speaker in there. If you are a personal tour, remember to keep the phone number of the master teacher , Because you have to take a car when you come out, otherwise you have to walk a bit far...then you can climb down this free mountain again, the scenery can...the climb up and down within two hours...and finally take the bus back to Ningyuan County...you can enjoy it at night The supper in Ningyuan County is more delicious...
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chenweiwenExperts have proved that Shoulong Bridge should have been built in the Jingkang era of the Northern Song Dynasty and rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty. Ishiqiao is located on the ancient road of Xianghe, which is connected with the north to the water, the south Yuhe River, in history is the communication of the central plains south one of the important passageway, the blue stone slabs of the filial piety still preserved. Shoulong Bridge and the ancient bridge in the village of Shangganzi is the only way on this ancient road. Shoulong Bridge across the water, about 10 meters long, about 1 meters wide, 5 meter 4 holes, it looks like a common stone bridge, but careful observation can see the "famous hall". "Instead of the common arch, the stone bridge is a mast structure, each of which is made of three long stones, each of which is a mast, and each of which is made of three long stones, which are made of children, and each of which is made of two holes in a single strip of stone, and two long stones which are made of two feet in the hole." Then put a large slate on two stone feet, like a octagonal slate lame, the whole bridge also looks like a long slate, so also called "the stool bridge." The ancient bridges are built by gravity principle of several long stones without cement mortar, only by concrete structure, and by concrete structure. The concrete structure is used in wooden construction, but it is rare to use on bridges. It is a valuable example of the transition from wood structure to stone structure in ancient China.
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Historical Site
139***13Tunxi Stele Forest Tunxi Cliff Carvings, located in the southwestern part of the south-west end of the Tunxi Park of the Tunjiang Bridge in Yueyang County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province. The river washed away for millions of years, but this mountain cliffs are strong, the river has to follow the flow, this mountain stone became the literati to this poem, inscription stone, thousands of years, the Nanguo Xiang cultural pearl, Hunan ten cultural heritage. Cangya huge wall, sudden, continuous 100 meters, this place is called: Tanxi Stele Forest. Tang Yuan Jie compiled "Tang Zhongxing Song", Yan Zhenqing book cliff stone, the country its qi, the word qi, shiqi is known as Tanxi three absolute. Song Dynasty Mi-fu "The Poems of Tunxi", Huang Tingjian "The Cliffstone" ... It is said that more than 200 literati inkmen in turn to the place.