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5 Reviews
Botanical Garden
齐步走123A big hundred gardens, the price is still good, not many people, may be related to the fee, there are a lot of plants, can be said to be a colorful cluster of flowers, there are many cute animals
7 Reviews
City Park
齐步走123Not a big park and not a lot of tourists but the views are really nice and there are a lot of facilities and if it's a local I think it's a great place to visit for a picnic barbecue on weekends
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96 Reviews
118***02I personally think that the road to Hana is not as good as it is advertised online. Many bridges and many bends will cause motion sickness. If there are not many schedules on Maui, it is recommended to give up. However, Ho’okipa Beach Park, which is about 10 kilometers away from Kahului Airport, is highly recommended (10-14 is best).
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99 Reviews
National Park
Observation Deck
猪简At two o'clock in the morning local time in Hawaii, I put on all the long and short clothes that I could wear, and started the journey of going out in the middle of the night for the first time [covering my face] In fact, how do I say this trip is not planned in advance. Originally, when we rented a car, the little brother fudged us to change the four-wheel drive to recommend us to this Hale Kalera National Park. In the end, I said that we would not go and resolutely not to change. The clerk expressed regret in his heart that the tourist was too dishonest. The next night I arrived there was a jet lag and couldn't sleep, and the night after the typhoon flood was peaceful. The next day must be a good day. We both discussed whether we should go to this extinct volcano in the early morning to watch the sun. So I woke up at two o’clock. Before I left, I checked the official website of this park. Okay, I don’t know, I was almost impulsive to the ditch... I saw a new sunrise in this national park in January last year. According to the policy, there is a limit of 150 vehicles per day, of which only 30 are for tourists who make a temporary reservation two days in advance. Vehicles without an advance reservation will not be accepted. Looking back at Ctrip's comments again, okay, all the posts that saw the sunrise are from before December 2016, and the later dates are tourists visiting during the day. Almost! Almost! Anyway, I was energetic, so we went to the official website in the middle of the night to find a link to register and book a parking space for the next day. We spent a five-dollar reservation fee and turned back to the park entrance to pay another 25 dollars. After getting it done, I fell asleep in an instant...In the early morning of the day, I set off as scheduled. The kid basically wears clothes to sleep, sleeps in the car, sleeps to make the safety seat... We are excited and nervous on the island's basically unmanned highway... After entering the mountain road, we experienced the forest area, In the wilderness area and cliff section, through the clouds and seeing the sea of stars, the elevation gradually reached 3,055 meters. I drove two-thirds of the way and saw a big LED electronic sign "NO RESERVATION, TURN BACK" on the side of the road... My heart said, if I didn't do my homework, it wouldn't be ruined. Passing through two parking lots all the way, when we reached the highest point of the mountain, there were already five or six vehicles that we had arrived one step ahead. The small parking lot at the highest point seemed to park up to 20 vehicles. If this doesn't come early, I really don't want to wait. Everyone is waking up, okay, after writing this article, I have to take a break. The wind is screaming and the car is blowing straight... 06:15 The sun is coming out, I hope I can see the legendary soul purification agent The shocking sunrise of human rebirth. When the sunrise came, heavy fog + strong wind + showers [covered face][covered face][covered face] Okay! This experience is amazing! It is estimated that the sunset will not be consumed... This is the regrettable beauty in the legend... Next time... It is impossible. Disappointed down the mountain, planning to go back to the house, alas, I can only go to the hotel on rainy days... But when I walked, I found that only the top of the mountain was rainy! Just a little bit lower altitude, you will see the sun! Stop and grab the tail of the beautiful scenery! Fortunately to see strange volcanic clouds and countless crystal rainbows in all directions! Yes, you can watch the rainbow when it rains! So, you lose some but always gain some again. This is called balance! Contented!
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4 Reviews
齐步走123There are plenty of goats on the surf goat farm, there are large areas of green grass, white goats are spot on spot between the grass, the view is very open and the air is very good, not many tourists
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