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野枫印象野枫印象The Royal Palace of Monaco is located on the hills near the sea, standing in the square in front of the Royal Palace, you can have a panoramic view of the Monte Carlo port, and you can have a panoramic view of the luxury houses and moored private yachts in the Fengwei District, as well as the Garlic Point. Inside, you can visit the Royal Apartment, Napoleon Memorial, and the Royal Palace Historical Achievement Collection. The 16th-century Italian-style promenade and frescoes in the palace are exquisite; the luxurious hall of Louis XV's elaborately inlaid colored fine wood, and the marble double spiral staircase of the 17th century are all pleasing to the eye. Around the Palace Square, there are forts cast during the Louis XIV period, and the Sainte Marie bell tower built in white rock can be seen. If the time is right, you can also see the changing of the guard ceremony of the palace guard.
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肉肉肉肉The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is really great, the overall layout is very reasonable, not only displays, but also some relatively modern installations. There are living and specimens. The types of specimens are very complete and well preserved. They are all very clean specimens without any signs of corruption. There is also an interactive area which is more interesting. It's very suitable for parent-child travel. The two little girls from my sister's house that I took were really happy, and they said they would come later.
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Churches and Cathedrals
徐团徐团The Monaco Cathedral was built in 1875. Its architectural style was the Roman-Byzantine style that was popular at the time. Its value is especially reflected in its eye-catching set of works by Nice artists from the pre-Renaissance period. When it comes to Monaco, many people think of the marriage of Oscar actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Sixty years ago, 30 million people around the world watched their St. Nicholas Cathedral wedding on TV. This is unprecedented. The Grimaldi family members are buried in this church, including Princess Grace and Rainier III. This church records Princess Grace’s wedding and funeral, and is a place that every visitor to Monaco will not ignore.
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Historical Architecture
糖糖de漫行糖糖de漫行Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, second only to the Vatican, and is also the country with the highest average house price in the world. Monaco is not big, and is mainly divided into the city of Monaco and Monte Carlo. Wandering in Monaco, there is no need to deliberately check in, the whole city is very clean and comfortable. There are many yachts docked in the pier. Monaco seems to be labeled as yachts and sports cars. Those who like sports cars must not miss this place. There are many sports cars. Also, those who are obsessed with F1 racing must not miss the famous race. Road, F1 is an important track, the hairpin bend (Fairmont Hairpin) is the focus of the race on the track, just in Monte Carlo.
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Karen晓喵Karen晓喵One of the world's four most famous race tracks, with the street as the track, it is the shortest one in the F1 circuit, and has the slowest corners and the famous tunnel in the F1 circuit. At the same time, because of the race on the street, the team's gas station is also very small and narrow. However, due to the skill of the track, suspension and tires are very important, the championship of this race is also the dream of many drivers.
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Oo西野司oOOo西野司oOA rich and oily land of bullets The Principality of Monaco is one of the richest countries in the world and the smallest country in the world except the Vatican. The winding coastline of several kilometers overlaps into the blue coast. The Mediterranean style, the pleasant scenery of the Blue Coast, the elegant living environment, the colorful upper-class life and the system of no personal income tax are all reasons why Monaco attracts the upstarts in the world.​​​ This is Monaco, the capital on the cliff top, the unique urban scenery full of luxury cars, and the harbor is full of yachts that can only be used by the rich. The whole country seems to be proclaiming itself. I am the country with the first GDP per capita. From Nice to Monaco, take the 112 bus, the fare is 1.5 Euro, and the journey takes about 40 minutes. The most famous of Monaco is the Monte Carlo Circuit, one of the world's four most famous circuits. The first racing competition held on this track was actually in 1929. My first impression here is that the streets are full of the world's top luxury cars, and everyone who drives is handsome. This is unscientific. The second impression is that the sun is too strong. I went there in mid-September. The sun was too poisonous. I felt that I could only survive in the shadows. The third impression is not to connect to wifi indiscriminately here, because I connected to a local wifi in order to reply to a QQ message, and then there were many fake QQs posing as me, adding many of my friends, saying me Need to borrow money, of course, some QQ friends actually believed in this routine, so it would be tears to talk too much. The whole city of Monaco is relatively small, so you can visit the whole country in one afternoon. So I took the 100 bus back to Nice in silence, but I didn't expect it to be a different scenery. Walk up the mountain when you come. The return journey is down the mountain, along the coast of the bus dashing all the way, I saw the different seaside style of South France, the blue coast is indeed famous and really beautiful.

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