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雨雪霏霏zyxI especially like the horse show with the ticket! I like it very much, it is shocking, the master is very good, and there is a female master, very admirable, the park still has a lot of rides, I like archery the most! Overall is great, but I am too hot for heatstroke, I didn't play well, I have the opportunity to go again.
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pan***ouGood place to go in summer, good place for children to play with water. Tickets for local people are very cheap, outsiders are slightly expensive, but they are acceptable. It is recommended to bring some food to go in. You can play for most of the day by boat when you go, and it is better to take a car when you return.
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转角遇到爱520The Zhonglong Mountain in Zizhong County is located in the northeast of the city, there are the Ming Dynasty built Yongqing Temple and other ancient temples and the carved cliff statues of Sui and Tang Dynasty up to 160 feet, 1648, most of them are well preserved. There are also many famous inscriptions since Tang Dynasty. Yongqing Temple has more than 1700 collections, including Su Dongpo, Huang Tingjian and other famous calligraphy monuments and Guo Mu, Zeng Guoyi, Zhang Daqian calligraphy and painting. Huang Tingjian's "Yulan Fu" monument is the most valuable, is a rare treasure.
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Geological Sites
滇国剑客The geological hazards of Shenglu Mountain are named for the province. The original shape of the mountain is beautiful, but the mountain springs of the streams are still beautiful.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
Memorial Hall
我也爱边牧Dagan Garden is an expansion of the original Zhang Dagan Memorial Hall to commemorate the famous Neijiang calligrapher and painter of Zhang Dagan, the "first person in five hundred years" who can compare with Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso. Covering an area of more than two hundred acres, the park is located on the mountain on the east bank of the Tuojiang River. The park has towering trees and beautiful scenery. The artificially constructed lotus pond, small bridges, leisure and entertainment facilities are in harmony with the natural scenery. There are Xilin Temple, Wei Minglun Memorial Hall, Qiu Xiaoqiu Memorial Hall and other attractions around Dagan Garden.
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s j j s y 20210115A day trip to Longchang, Sichuan, thinking of finding a place close to the main urban area of Chongqing, check that Longchang is a moderate distance, Longchang's attractions also accord with our ideas, the weather is also good, decisively set off. In order to reduce the tiredness of driving, we decided to leave tonight, from Chongqing Shapingba at 18 o'clock to stay at Longchang Guyu Impression Hotel at 8 o'clock in the evening. Let's go to see the night view of Longchang and go to the night view of Beiguan Scenic Area. The next day's trip is to go to the scenic spots of Longchang Shipaifang Group at 6 o'clock in the morning: Nanguan Ancient Town and Beiguan Scenic Area. After returning to the hotel for breakfast, check out, drive to Guyu Lake, Guyu Temple, and Chairman Mao Zedong inspect Longchang Gas Mine Memorial Hall. Return to Chongqing main city at 3 pm after the day trip to Longchang. [View] The lake is bigger [interesting] good [price/performance] free ticket

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Qing Dynasty StreetNeijiang,China

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Shengshui TempleNeijiang,China

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Daqian GardenNeijiang,China

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Luoquan Ancient TownNeijiang,China

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Neijiang Travel Tips

About Neijiang

Neijiang is situated in the southeast of Sichuan province. It neighbors Chongqing to the east, Meishan to the northwest and Ziyang to the north. Known as China's 'sugar capital', it produces a large amount of sugar and cotton. Neijiang is also the hometown of the 20th Century painter Zhang Daqian. The Zhang Daqian Memorial is one of the city's major attractions. Other popular destinations include Mount Baiyun, Jingan Temple and the ancient town of Luoquan. Visitors can also taste the city's local cuisine, which includes stir-fried chicken, dried beef and candied fruit.

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