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Things To Do in Rouen

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零零星星的旅程Cathé drale Notre-Dame de Rouen) is well worth seeing! Like Notre Dame in Paris, this is also a church not to be missed in France. [View] The Cathedral of Notre Dame has the highest minarets in France, which also witnessed the evolution of Gothic art, or the favorite theme of the impressionist master Monet. Material. This gorgeous religious building can be seen from any corner of the city of Rouen, which is the symbol of the city. [Fun] is well worth seeing is the Light Festival, once outside the cathedral was colored, the Light Festival will be restored after the original color display, very spectacular! [price/performance] free visit to the church
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Art Museum
小思文The Rouen Art Museum is very interesting. The building area of the entire area is also quite large. The art gallery is also a very old building. The art works are very rich. The old buildings are quite rich here. 【taste】 [Interest] Very interesting [Scenery] The scenery is also beautiful
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小思文The Cathedral of Joan of Arc in Rouen is a very important building, and Joan of Arc is also a very important figure here. The cathedral has a history of more than 100 years. You can understand the history here. [Fun] Very interesting place [Value for money] Very good value for money
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Featured Neighbourhood
噼里啪啦[Rouen] The old city is a good place. Before it rains, the weather is not too cold, there are pedestrians on the street, and it is not Sunday, and the food is delicious. European travel reminder: All Sundays, no matter where It’s a dead city. It is recommended to rest at the hotel all day when planning the itinerary every Sunday
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小思文The Basilica of San Marco has a strong history. There are many Gothic-style buildings here, all of which are very precious carvings. The reliefs on the walls are worth admiring. [Interest] Very interesting [Scenery] The scenery is also beautiful
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Historical Architecture
小思文The Big Bell Arch is in the core area of the old city. This arch is also a very detailed carved building. The clock on the arch allows you to see the time, and you can admire the old church. The environment here is also perfect. [Scenery] The surrounding scenery is very good [Interest] Very interesting