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Things To Do in Shaoxing

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Rock Monument
_We***87Keyan scenic area is worth to see. The entrance fee including boat is 130 rmb. You can get there easily from Hangzhou by train or subway.
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Water Park
_We***19this was a great day off experience . waiting time for the rides were 10-15 mins. prices for food is affordable. great for families
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Famous Residences
Featured Neighbourhood
_We***34its very beautiful place and will take you back to chinese history , a day well spent
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大反派FlippyGet a coach will be better. And of course more fun. The in door ski park is ok. Learn ski is enough.
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Vlad the TravelerProbably my favourite park/lake in Shaoxing. While much less famous then its's Hangzhou counterpart and not even being the most famous scenic place in Shaoxing, I find it the most charming and pictoresque one. If you climb the hill by the lake you can enjoy the view as well as pluck some fresh tea leaves. The lake(looking more like a canal) is really pretty and has some really nice and impressive cliffs by its side. There is also a stage where Yue opera is sometimes performed.
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Historical Site
In 1125, Lu You was born in Shanyin, Yuezhou, which is now Shaoxing, Zhejiang. It is said that Lu You's mother is a little sissy of Qin Guan, she used the name of Qin Guan (Guan) made Lu You's character (Wu Guan) and Qin Guan's character (Zi You) made Lu You's name. "Shantoufeng*Red Squat Hand" is my childhood will recite the words, young did not understand the taste of words, later know Tang Xu's "Shantoufeng* world sentiments" and their stories. Lonely mourning, is the self-simile of the Fangweng. Remnants of wall, two "Shantoufeng" side by side wall, a mountain stone carved with the "Feoyuer * Guoqiu Ci": ask what is the world love, direct education life and death. Every time think of these words, it is sad. If there was no Luyou, Shenyuan, a garden of the Song Dynasty, was abandoned and no one asked for it. Unlike the gardens of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Shenyuan, after more than 800 years, was more primitive, elegant and solemn. Several repairs, the scale of the final emergence. I remember there was a wild fir tree by the pond in Dongyuan. I went to visit, the fruit was not ripe. The drizzle was a lot, along with the music of Love Rivers and Mountains More Beauty, and with Jun, while enjoying the rain while sipping tea. That was the best osmanthus day tea I had ever had.