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Tahe Travel Guide

Tahe is a city in Heilongjiang, China. It has many popular attractions, including Qixiashan Botanical Garden, Elunchun Ethnic Country, Daxinganling Forest Farm, making it well worth a visit.
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What to Do
Looking for things to do in Tahe? We provide up-to-date info on everything from must-see scenic spots to local hangouts.
Qixiashan Botanical Garden
Elunchun Ethnic Country
Xing'an Reindeer Park
Nearby City
3.0/52 Reviews
Nan Mountain Park
Nearby City
3.8/54 Reviews
Beauty Pine Virgin Forest
Nearby City
wu ba lao dao
Nearby City
4.6/59 Reviews
Cangshan Shilin Scenic Area
Nearby City
Nanweng River
Nearby City
5.0/53 Reviews
Dabai Mountain
Nearby City
4.7/58 Reviews
Amuer Town
Nearby City
5.0/52 Reviews
Painting Mountain Scenic Area
Nearby City
Where to Stay
Discover the most popular places to stay in Tahe, complete with recommendations from fellow travelers and special hotel offers.
Tahe East Lake Garden Hotel
TongYu Hotel
4.4/559 Reviews
Heping Hotel
5.0/54 Reviews
Tahe Hongyuan Hotel
5.0/510 Reviews
Fuxinglou Hotel
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Discover the Real Tahe With a Local Expert

In Tahe County in the hinterland of Daxing'anling, there is the Oroqen family. They are safari people. Xinfeng Shaman, in addition to horses, they also use reindeer as a means of hunting, hence the name "live on the mountain." People, "people who use reindeer." In the winter, they gather in the square and dance the unique dance of the nation, which is full of the festive harvest.
The Huma River originates from the Huzhong Nature Reserve in the Daxinganling area of Heilongjiang Province. It flows from west to east through the three counties (districts) of Huzhong District, Tahe County and Huma County, and finally injects into Heilongjiang. The river flowing through the smog bay is the tributary of the Huma River, the Jichuko Hong River. When the temperature drops suddenly in winter, the difference between the water temperature and the temperature of the Jichuko Honghe River increases, and the water vapor evaporated from the water surface encounters the cold branches on the shore and suddenly solidifies into ice crystals, which becomes like a fairy tale world. Smog.
When I overlooked the Tahe River, I was shocked because their houses were too neat, too regular, and the colors were very uniform. I dont know if I thought it was a large factory! It may be said that the most northern county towns in China, most of them will say Mohe. In fact, Tahe is also one of the two most northern counties, and Russia is only separated by a river. The Tahe River in the sunset, there is a quiet beauty in the snow and ice / hc / different from the southern city's beautiful scenery, birds and flowers, the beauty of the north is clean and bright, standing in the north of China The earth has a lot of inner thoughts and has seen the beauty of the world, and all kinds of beauty are in the heart. There are not many people here, so I haven't been disturbed by the world. If you want to see the snow in the winter, you can invite three or five friends to come here.
Speaking of Qixia Mountain, many people may respond to Qixia Mountain in Nanjing, one of the four major scenic spots. But here, I want to tell you that Chinas important forest production base is far away. Qixia Mountain in Hehe River, Heilongjiang Province. And this Qixia Mountain, the name also stems from a beautiful love story. If you climb to the top of the mountain, take a look at the pink watch tower and look at this different world. The look is very delicate, pink is also very girly. And she stands in the mountains, just like people who are watching from afar. It has the beauty of being independent. Ascend the top of the tower, you can overlook the entire Tahe River. I want to be here, you will be afraid of the cold, the light in your eyes will be touched by this beautiful world, I dont know if you will be there by then. Who, if someone is around, give her a hug in the past! The hug at this time is the warmest. Especially like the pine forest, especially the color of his winter, against the white snow on the ground, with an extraordinary attitude. Winter larch, under the snow scene, it is too shocking, and it has become another scene of Tahe. Travel Tips: No tickets for attractions, free of charge. Address: Xixia Mountain in the west of Tahe County
Waragan White Birch Forest Villa, located in the town of Waragan in Tahe County, about 35 kilometers away from Tahe County, and less than an hour's drive by car. . got out of the car and walked slowly along the boardwalk, the footsteps became lighter, and the air was filled with the smell of snow. War, the Walagan White Birch Forest in Tahe County is a world of ice and snow, and a thick layer of snow is piled up in the car parked in front of the house. Summer fish ponds can be rowed, winter, you can catch big fish by drilling a hole, eat this big fish at noon, haha, less than per capita 4, 50 one person. You can also play a variety of rides on the icy lake, like snowmobiles, skating, slides... this has been set, leisure, sightseeing, A tourist attraction. In the summer, the snow melts and cools, and tourists can row and play here. Into the Walagan White Birch Forest, the snow is so white, the snow here is not trampled by tourists, a place that does not want to be disturbed by the world I really want to stay here for a few days. In the evening, the smoke lingers, the small village, and the calm day has passed.
Do you know, where is the northernmost county in China? In Mohe, no, the northernmost city, in Tahe, which is located in the Daxinganling area of Heilongjiang Province, is the northernmost county in China. North is bounded by Russia's main channel of the Heilongjiang River across the river. The fastest way to reach the northernmost county is to take an airplane, an hour's flight from Harbin Taiping International Airport to Jiagedaqi Airport, and then from the airport to Tahe County. 4 hours drive. You can also choose the train for one night train, go directly to Tahe Station, just inside the county. It is important to note that the train sleeper is more difficult to buy and needs to be purchased in advance. In Tahe County, rest for one night, staying at the Tahe Hotel, although the best hotel, of course, but the northern county, you know What's more, it is the northernmost county in China. The conditions are not too high. Black Dragon Square along the Heilongjiang River in Sino-Russian border river, hovering a dragon in the middle of the square, which reads the three characters of Li Longming, like in Overlooking everything in this world. Come here to have a pot of hot water in advance, and the children in the South will never realize how fun it is to pour water into ice. Tips for splashing water into ice, you must use hot water, when you shoot, the speed must be fast, a perfect arc, a beautiful photo.
Unseen snow, why do you go to Xuexiang in winter, the snow in Tahe is more beautiful, the white snow is like the soft and silky desert hills, soft and soft, never tired of it, white and transparent. Standing on the creek and watching the beautiful snow on the opposite side, construct a beautiful picture, close your eyes and feel the beauty of this snow scene. The snow of Tahe River is the most beautiful in the whole winter. It takes us into a crystal-clear fairy-tale world, surrounded by silver and beautiful. ####
The evening in Tahe is so beautiful that it is intoxicating and intoxicating in this snow and ice. The setting sun went west early, and the disobedient purple sunset sneaked up into the sky and sprinkled it on the earth. The beautiful sunset glowed warm and the land was warm. The stream stopped flowing, and it became ice. A long stream turned into a white piece, as if it were in a white ice and snow. People happily have fun in the snow park. The beautiful sunset is always short, and this scene presents a beautiful snow and ice painting. The scenery of the Tahe River has a different kind of beauty. ####

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