Varde Municipality
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Things To Do in Varde Municipality

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Child of BohemiaOne of my favorites places in Copenhagen. When you will reach the top you will have amazing view to the city. And going up was great experiences.
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M44***33The Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg is the largest museum of its kind in Denmark, and it displays the history of Danish fisheries in detail.
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139***03[History] Ribe Cathedral is an irreplaceable landmark in the local area. Look up at any corner of the town and it will not disappoint you. This is a church of Our Lady. It was built in the Viking Era between 1150-1175 and completed in 1225-1250. It is the first Christian church in Denmark and the best-preserved Romanesque building in Denmark. [Appearance] I have seen hundreds of churches, but small town churches with three colors in one seem to be rare. The building materials of the cathedral include tuff from the Rhine region, German sandstone and Jutland granite. I don't know if it is the relationship of many kinds of stones. The color of the whole church is bright: dark red-chert-brick red. The twin towers on both sides of the main hall are one red and one yellow, one pointed, one high and one low. Although they seem to be assembled, they are closely integrated with the central hall. They are unified in the detail design and the way of brick splicing. . [Interior] Two days in a row, I could not enter the house because I left early and returned late. The day I left was Sunday. I dragged the box and begged the doorman for a long time before putting me inside the door and watching for five minutes. If you have time, I suggest you ascend to the tower, overlooking the red roofs, and overlooking the beautiful scenery of the Ribe River and the grass beach.
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288***60Beautiful cathedral, solemn. Excellent,
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M44***33This is a very valuable museum, just opposite the railway station; it has archaeological artifacts from the Ribe Viking period, including a transformed market and distinctive Viking ships.