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Things To Do in Yeosu

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M38***13It is said that there are more than 280 species and 33,000 marine creatures to meet you. The symbol of the aquarium-the beluga whale, named Belu. After more than 4 years of labor pains, he and his three brothers succeeded in artificial breeding for the first time in Korea. It is a very good place!
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E23***71A nice place to stroll around. In fact it's an island attached to the mainland by a causeway/breakwater. The island does offer nice viewpoints but it can get crowded. Also, when I went (in early May) it was super windy, so be prepared.
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游游走走吧I rented a four-seater for three with my friends, along the sea along the way, the scenery is beautiful! On the way, you will pass through a tunnel. There are neon lights in the tunnel. If spring comes, it will be very pleasant~
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Historical Architecture
紫雨小格斗The Jinnam Pavilion is the largest wooden building of its kind in Korea. The Daxiong Hall of Heungguksa Temple was built in 1194 (rebuilt in 1560). It is the oldest building in Yeosu City. It is surrounded by mountains and springs and has beautiful scenery. There are also other cultural and historical landscapes such as temples and tombstones, such as the Great Victory Monument Pavilion of Lord Li Zhongwu, which was built to commemorate the victory of his navy in fighting the Japanese invasion.
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M38***13Xiangilian is known as one of the four largest Guanyins in Korea to enshrine Taoism. It is located on the edge of Doksan Island, on the cliff of Jinao Mountain. The road to Xiangri Temple is relatively steep, but the stone steps are paved to the top, which is relatively convenient to walk. There are Daxiong Hall, Rock Cave, Sanskrit Bell, Medicine Station and other landscapes! Xiangri'an is also a good place to watch the sunrise and sunset.
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雨停晴空When the Jindalai flowers are in full bloom, it is also the most lively time of this attraction. Jindalai Flower Sea is also world-famous. Whenever this time, it becomes a pink ocean. The flower language of Jindalai flowers is long-lasting, and it is also a flower that Koreans particularly love!