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慢雨Luzhou is really a treasure of Hunan, not only rich in products, but also charming scenery. Many beautiful scenery people linger. Mangshan is known for the iron head snake, which is a Chinese unique species of giant viper, commonly known as "Xiaoqinglong." The Lushan Hot Spring is also very charming, and its landscape is also very charming, the Wuzhifeng Scenic Area is good! The group peaks show, the cloud plank road thrills. The Azhu couple said that they paid attention to the view, and actually eight kilometers down did not feel tired at all. Too powerful, admire
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JJ77Wuzhifeng Scenic Area, is the original scenic area in recent years have carried out new development, the original size of the rooftop saw those peaks built a path, convenient for close-up view. Wuzhifeng Scenic Area has dozens of attractions, such as Wuzhifeng, Golden Whip Grand Canyon, Golden Whip Shenzhu, Motianling, Tiantai Mountain, Guanyin Temple and Wanshou Pagoda. The scenic spot is best to have the weather viewing of the cloud sea, the cloud sea is varied, and the amount of light is reflected under different rays.
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Hot Springs Resort
M29***01Depart from Guangzhou South Railway Station, arrive at Chenzhou West Railway Station in 1.5 hours, and then find a local guide, Awen (caohuawen311) to charter a car for about 2 hours to Hunan Mangshan Forest Hot Spring Hotel. The superior double room includes unlimited hot springs and one breakfast (hot spring one card) One person enters, remember to bring both room cards) Environment: There are indoor and outdoor pools, steam room, children’s playground and swimming pool. There are many outdoor pools. Choose the hot spring according to your needs: Milk pool: There is a touch of milk Taste, but not strong; tea aroma a: very fragrant tea taste, the body is full of tea aroma after soaking; Mandarin duck pond: new hot spring, mandarin duck hot pot pool, the pepper and cabbage inside are all foamy, suitable for children to play; cliff hot spring: You have to take a taller staircase and go through a small waterfall. The scenery is very good, and the hot spring is smoking and the fog in the air is filled with fairy air, which is very suitable for taking pictures. At night, it is too lazy to climb so high because of the light rain. The lighting of the cliff hot spring is still good, the cliff hot spring only starts at 16:00 in the afternoon, and there are various other pools. Khan steaming: divided into high temperature room and low temperature room, there are ice towels and hot water supply outside, the wood smell in the room is very fragrant, should it be pine? (I’m not sure.) Go to sweat and steam to force the cold out of the body. Fairies with Gong Han must go to eat: Damingxuan Chinese Restaurant: Long March tofu, tofu made with purple sweet potatoes, the outside is fried and the inside is tender The taste is different from ordinary soy tofu. There is no dish brand. You need to tell the waiter that the tea fragrant mountain pit fish. The taste is actually similar to the outside. There is not much difference. Maybe it has a little more tea aroma? Braised pork ribs with taro. The ribs are a bit small but very tasty. The little fairy with a bad stomach shouldn’t eat so many sweet taro, gravy with radish. It is not recommended. It is just a clear soup with a few slices of radish. Suggestions: 1. Bring a waterproof case for your phone inside. Although it is available for sale, it is more expensive at 28RMB. 2. There are hot water and paper cups near each pool. At the same time, the staff will give you water, don’t worry about water shortage. 3. There are many farms opposite the hotel, you can eat at the farms , But we feel that the sanitation of the farm is not very good, so we did not eat it, so the taste and price are not clear. 4. When going to the hot spring, you must bring all the room cards. One person and one card enter, and each person has a cabinet.
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洞庭春秋Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area in Yizhang, Jizhou, located in the southern mountains of the county, the local production of tea, bitter, oysters are popular, known as "the second Xishuangbanna" and "Nanguo Natural Arboretum". The Mangshan Yi Autonomous Township is a settlement of the Yi nationality. The climate is mild, the rainfall is abundant, and the natural conditions are superior.
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奥尔滕常遇春The water quality was superb! Almost 10 km of the river was just over in 2 hours! It was so exciting! The sisters on the boat were screaming wildly all the way! Throats were squeaky and I would do it again this summer! Highly recommended!
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M35***58The hotel disinfection and epidemic prevention work cannot slacken at all, and together we try to win this battle against epidemic prevention. We provide daily health protection in lobby and public areas, daily guest protection, staff health protection, room health protection, ventilation management, elevator disinfection, masks and disinfection kits. Do a good job of disinfection and epidemic prevention, all of us are single-minded to resist the epidemic ~ Hotel disinfection and epidemic prevention measures, health care is carried out every day, Vienna Hotel Yizhang Yizhang Anti-epidemic is not loose, you can stay at Vienna Hotel Yizhang Yizhang every day. [Candy] [Candy] [price/performance ratio]

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