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Things To Do in Zhangshu

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Hot Springs Resort
M46***25[CP] China Ancient Sea # China Ancient Sea # Swimming, playing with water, it is probably the greatest fun for children! Bringing children to China Ancient Sea to swim, the children are too happy, I don't think of it in the water, it is dark. #Sunset # Worth a visit, you can bring your children to play, suitable for parent-child travel, give the child a happy day! #Happy ##Happy #​​​[/cp]
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100***22The scenic spot belongs to Zhangshu City (a county-level city managed by Yichun, formerly known as Qingjiang). The nearest railway station is about 10 kilometers east of Zhangshu. It is expected that the high-speed rail will be available at the end of the year. Zhangshu Railway Station is 30 kilometers away from the scenic spot. There is a Jingjiu Bus Station 3 kilometers away from the railway station, where there are buses to and from the scenic spot, with fewer trains, and the journey takes more than 1 hour. The express train is about 60-70 yuan and the journey takes 40 minutes. Traffic is not very convenient. The entrance of the scenic spot is simple in design, the vegetation in the scenic spot is rich, the small stream and bamboo forest reservoir are good, and the air is very fresh. The core attraction is the Dawanshou Chongzhen Palace, but it is currently under maintenance. There is a low wall to enter from the back of the building. It is newly repaired but the building is relatively retro. The old Chongzhen Palace is half of the hillside behind, and the nearby Ziyang Academy is closed. The ancient meaning still exists. The uphill roads to several peaks are still being repaired, and the dirt roads are not difficult to walk. If you don’t go to Taiji Peak, it takes 1-1.5 hours to go back and forth to Camel Peak. Several peaks are more than 500 meters above sea level, and it takes about 2-3 hours to walk. By the way, Ge Zaoshan is the main place where Ge Xuanxiu's immortal pill was cultivated by the Lingbao Sect. The modern training center should be the Lingbao Chongzhen Temple, which is 3 kilometers near the entrance of the scenic spot. There are 6-7 temples, maybe The space layout of the building site is limited, instead of using several halls in a row, but horizontally, it has been repaired in recent years, and there is not much sense of violation.
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forestwolfYuhua Mountain Scenic Area is located at the junction of Dianxia Town, Zhangshu City, Jiangxi Province, Taoxi Township, Xingan County, and Hope Township, Fengcheng City. It belongs to the Wuyi Mountains. Yuhua Mountain is also known as "Zhuqifeng", commonly known as "Zinaoding" and "Zixuan Dongtian". The main peak is 1169.1 meters above sea level. Yuhua Mountain and Shenghua Mountain face each other and dominate the mountains, floating among the nine clouds, majestic and majestic, called "green lung of camphor tree". The mountain slopes from east to west, covering an area of 8 square kilometers. Surrounded by 12 thousand-meter-high peaks including Shenghua Mountain, Zhaoming Mountain, and Chitose Hill, surrounded by jade screens, the odd peaks compete with each other and compete for heights.
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富龙哥Free entry, also do not register identity cards. In fact, it is not an attraction, just a big auditorium-style house, but don't underestimate it, the name of the museum is famous Guo Moruo wrote, the old Guo only for two county-level museum titled the title. Inside is the famous national medicine capital, wine country, salt city history and present situation, among them Zhou Enlai is known as "flavor mellow pure" four special wine, there is overthrow "Shang culture but the Yangtze River" the Wucheng Shang Dynasty ruins. Exhibition means are still traditional, no sound and photoelectric high-tech means. Visitors to visit few, out of town special trips to come fewer. Although in the city center, but not easy to find.
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City Park
梦影之琼The largest free park in Zhangshu City, with rippling blue water and green trees! There is also a children’s playground, which is the best parent-child activity place for parents and children on weekends. It is even more lively at night. The square dances in groups will make you overwhelmed!
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Ancient Pagoda
forestwolfYongzhen Tower is also known as Yongtai Tower. Located in the south of Yushu City, 17 kilometers west. At that time, villagers built nine layers of towers for the town water hazard named "Yongzhen Tower." The brick structure. Hexagonal, a total of 7 layers, from the bottom and the top layer by layer, 24 meters high. Each layer of 3 meters high, 6 gates, three virtual three real. The center of the tower stands a gintian fir column, the column diameter 80 cm, straight to the top of the tower. Each layer has four Jingzi wood frame, with wooden columns, so that the column and the tower body tightly connected together. The original tower with floor boards, wooden ladder, has been abandoned.

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