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162 Reviews
KingWe arrived at 10 o'clock in the morning on Sunday. I heard from the staff that it is not open in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays due to the lack of rain and water. It will not start until 1 o'clock at noon. The waterway is long and the water quality is poor. Bring your own shower gel without washing.
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钱旋1Jiuhou Mountain is located 15 kilometers north of Zhao'an County, with nine peaks side by side. The main peak Xishanyan is 1120 meters above sea level, and the central scenic area is 25 square kilometers, with a total area of 226 square kilometers. According to the "Zhangzhou Picture Scriptures": "The Yugong concubine was sealed in Kuaiji, and then nine descendants entered Fujian and died as gods, each mastering a mountain, hence the name". Jiuhou Mountain is dominated by Jiuhou Temple. It has always had eighteen sceneries and twenty-four wonders. It is known as the "number one in ten thousand mountains". "Mountain, water, tree spirit, cave" are the four must-sees in the mountains. It was rated as a scenic spot in Fujian Province and a forest park in Fujian Province in 1997, and was rated as a national AAA-level tourist attraction in 2012. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has become a good place for literati and celebrities of the past to visit, rest, and escape from the world to give lectures.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
Aa陈卓芳We live in a three-bedroom villa, each room is a suite, and the small courtyard is also equipped with an oven. There is also a lady at the front desk who is very intimate. The scenic area is fully equipped with water restaurants, zoos, and various play items in the children's playground.
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Historical Architecture
2880000016Speaking of Tulou in Fujian, apart from Nanjing, Changting and Hua'an, Zhao'an seems to be rarely thought of, because it is actually close to Guangdong Province. But this Zhao'an Tulou is in the Tianlou, and it feels like being raised in a deep boudoir. It has three floors inside and three floors outside, and you can see the natural pastoral scenery, praise it.
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钱旋1Zhao'an Jinguang Temple is the dojo of Shakyamuni Buddha himself, and it is also the concrete realization of the great public welfare undertakings of Dharma-rectification and benefiting the country and the people. The Jin Guangming Temple adheres to the philosophy of Shakyamuni Buddha’s Dharma-rectification, and implements the Bodhi Avenue of the Buddha Dharma of "purification and correction of the body and mind, benefiting the country and the people", "doing public good deeds, benefiting one party, and maintaining social stability and harmony". Free Buddhism, happy life", convey the positive energy of the excellent traditional culture of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, medicine, Yi, and the Chinese people
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哈尼罗马Very exciting, clear water, big drop, the best choice for a water fight, recommended, will go again if you have time.

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Haxi RaftingZhangzhou,China

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Jiuhou MountainZhangzhou,China

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Jinguangming TempleZhangzhou,China

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Zhao'an Earth Building (Zaitian Building)Zhangzhou,China

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