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Zhonghai Huizhou TangquanNearby City

Zhonghai Huizhou Tangquan

4.4/5332 Reviews
"Hot Springs Resort"
"Ornamental Hot spring"
Ranked #10 in Huizhou Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 9:30am-11:30pm (Local time)
"very perfect! 💯 It is recommended to swim first, then soak in the hot springs, and then eat. The dressing room has bath towels, slippers, hair dryer, facial cleanser, body lotion, paper towels, and water dispenser. In addition to bringing your own swimsuit and swimming cap, you don’t need to bring a lot of things in large bags. Out of the changing room is the indoor constant temperature swimming pool. There is a shower next to the swimming pool. You must take a shower before you soak in the hot springs. After the swimming pool is the outdoor hot spring, there are many open, the land is a stone road, be careful not to slip! The scenery is really beautiful! It is recommended to soak in hot springs from low temperature to high temperature, and choose the one you can tolerate, but pay attention ⚠️, soak for up to fifteen minutes and go ashore and slow down. The hot spring water will cause the blood circulation in the body to accelerate. Drink more boiled water, mineral water also OK, otherwise your head will be dizzy! Water is free. There is a lounge where girls can apply a mask if they are bored. After all, the pores have been opened, so it can be absorbed better! A waterproof phone case is also a must-have item. After all, the hot spring water is boiling water~ Don't take a bath after soaking in the hot spring. If you have to wash it, don't use shower gel! By the way, something to eat before bathing in the hot spring! There is also a restaurant inside, the environment, service attitude and dishes are very nice! If you need a car, you can tell the waiter that it’s free. If you come out late, you won’t be afraid of getting lost! The uncle security guard is very friendly, the auntie in the locker room is also very patient, and the driver is also very enthusiastic. In short, a very pleasant hot spring trip! Great! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻"