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Hot Springs Resort
Xifeng Hot SpringNearby City

Xifeng Hot Spring

4.5/5484 Reviews
"Hot Springs Resort"
Ranked #6 in Guiyang Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:00am-10:00pm (Local time)
"Xifeng Hot Spring is located in a valley one hour away from Guiyang City and only ten minutes away from the highway entrance, which is very convenient. In the hot spring valley, you can see Jiangdu Expressway hanging in the mountains like a sky road, which is very spectacular. Xifeng Hot Spring was formally developed during the Republic of China. After the founding of New China, it became one of the national model workers recuperation bases with very complete facilities. In recent years, a brand-new hot spring village has been developed and constructed, with a high-rise hotel model building, which has Chinese and Western restaurants, cafeterias, tennis courts, gyms and other facilities, built according to four-star standards. The general building of the villa type is also a four-star standard. There are also hot spring holiday villas built during the Republic of China. Now it has been transformed into a hot spring museum, allowing you to review the history of Xifeng hot spring. There is also No. 1 Mansion No. 2 in the hot spring, which can be used as a villa. Meet the needs of various customer groups. The hot spring itself has a large area, with indoor and outdoor areas. The indoor area also has various steam baths, bathing rooms, and health massage services. The outdoor area is built on the mountain, with large and small spring pools dotted among the mountains, divided into several themed scenic spots. There are also jacuzzis, wave pools, water parks, Olympic-standard swimming pools on the ground floor. All bathing pools are connected by several kilometers of mountain plank roads. The mountain plank roads are built around the hot spring scenic spot, and there are eight viewing pavilions on it. , The scenery is beautiful. Dining is very convenient. The hotel rooms provide four-star hotel standard catering services. There are two larger snack shops in the hot spring area. There is a food street on the second floor of the visitor center, offering a variety of cuisines. In the hot spring village adjacent to the hot spring scenic spot, there are restaurants of all sizes, all of which are local delicacies of Xifeng, such as spicy chicken and wujiang fish. Transportation: You can take a shuttle bus from the Xifeng High-speed Railway Station. The destination should be a hot spring sanatorium. You can also drive by yourself, the parking lot is large and parking is very convenient. Price: Hot spring ticket is 138 yuan, and the hotel room is between 400-600 per night. The advantage is that hotel guests can enter the hot spring without restriction with their room card. Overall, the price is very high."