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Taohua Island Scenic AreaNearby City

Taohua Island Scenic Area

4.3/5357 Reviews
Ranked #10 in Zhoushan Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 1/1-12/31 (Local time)
"Zhoushan has more than 1390 islands, of which Taohua Island is the seventh largest. The island covers an area of 42 square kilometers and has a permanent population of about 10,000 people. Taohua Island name origin: Qin Anqian zhisheng anti-subject south to Taohua Island seclusion, practice alchemy, a day drunk ink on the mountain stone into Taohua pattern, dots, so the stone called "Taohua stone", the mountain called "Taohua mountain", the island called "Taohua Island." Taohua Island has the first peak of Zhoushan Islands: Anqi Peak (Mountain also called the Biaoshan Baiyun Mountain Taohua Mountain); Zhoushan's first deep port: Taohua Port; the southeast coast of the largest stone: Great Buddha Rock; Taohua Island island vegetation coverage of more than 75% of the "island botanical garden" known as. Taohua Island has the second largest beach in Putuo: Tawan Sands; the beautiful Taohua Island depicted by Mr. Jinyong in his book Shooting Heroes and the sister book The Sculptors is the archetype of this island. Peach Blossom Island is also the island where the "Eastern Evil" Huang Yaoshi lived in his famous novel "Shooting Heroes" and "The God-Carving-Man-Movement". The north of Taohua Island is located in Shenjiamen 7.8 nautical miles, the location of the government of Putuo District, Zhoushan City, across the harbor from Putuo Mountain and Zhu Jiajian, the "Haitian Buddha State", the west is 12 kilometers away from Ningbo City, the south is adjacent to Taohua Port International Deepwater Channel, and the east is adjacent to the famous East China Sea fishing ground. There are four wharves to Taohua Island, which are: Ningbo Yaoju Wharf, Shenjiamen Shantou Wharf, Zhujiajian Xiyu Wharf and Zhujiajian Yuzhi Wharf. Please be sure to bring your personal ID card; you need an ID card for the ferry; a driver's license; and other related documents."