Casa Roman Castle Berat started from the financial, life loyal to the British royal family, the young general, in 1905, won the jazz title. And he built the largest castle in North America, Casa Roma, for his beloved wife to overlook the entire city. Casa Rome is built like a medieval castle and is the most luxurious private residence in North America. As the richest man in Canada at the time, he was a huge man, and he was very extravagant. The castle was full of precious furniture and art, just like a museum, beautiful and dazzling. The rooms are designed in Chinese style and display many oriental antiques in the interior. The giant snail lacquer peacock painting screen may be the famous Yangzhou famous product that year! As the saying goes, life is impermanent, and the wind and water turn. Later, because of the war, the Berat family faced bankruptcy, and the Lara was like a building. The castle was sold cheaply and eventually became a public place. Berat died in 1939, and when he reached the end of his life, he had only 185 and 6,000 in debt.
Posted: 2 Jan 2019
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