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Qianwei County,Recommendations
Jiayang National Mining Park
A global out-of-print steam train hidden in the mountains around Chengdu h 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 What kind of experience is going to travel? . The train departs from Yuejin Station. The steam-powered, narrow railroad track and the furnace full of coal ash rely on manual operation. It leads us back at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. The 18th century. The stay time of the train station is also very user-friendly, and every stop will stop for 5-8 minutes for us to take pictures. The classic photography point , from March to April every year, you can see the rapeseed field here, a golden flower sea is very beautiful. When the train passes through the bright water, watching on the sightseeing platform is the best view, you can see the steam train performance of the small train. If you run into a sunny day, you will be lucky to see the beautiful rainbow made by steam. . The terminal of the steam train is called the Pagou Station. After the stone steps along the station, it is the ancient town of Bajiaogou built by the mountain. The town of has a typical western Sichuan residential building and still retains a large number of English and Soviet architecture. . From Bajiaogou, you can take a small train to Huangcunjing, and walk through the forest to become a beautiful landscape in the mountains. Huangcunjing is the first mine to start after the liberation of Jiayang Coal Mine. It has been operating for 34 years from construction to shutdown. Everyone must bring a safety helmet before entering the hole. The underground allows us to take photos, but fireworks are strictly prohibited. . From Bajiaogou to the opposite road, take the classic car to go to the temple. A lot of eucalyptus trees can be seen along the way, and the air in the mountains is particularly fresh. After arriving at the temple, take a boat trip to Penghu. After the tour to Penghu, the terminal is the resort center, where you will end the day trip of the Jiayang train. . route (starting point)Moontian StationBeeyan StationCaiziba StationXianrenjiao StationLingshui StationJoule Dam StationBagou Station (end point) Starting shift schedule From now to December 31, 4 shifts per day Starting time 10
Qianwei County,Recommendations
Meet the Jiayang National Day, take a small train to pursue the old time! In recent years, the tourism development of Jiayang has become more and more prosperous. The popularity of Jiayang Small Train has been improved all the way. It is now the red card of Sichuan Tourism New Network. Jiayang. Wuhu Tourist Scenic Area is a national AAAA-level tourist scenic spot with rich tourism resources and obvious combination advantages. In addition to the famous Jiayang train, there are national-level wetland park Wuhu, China Coal Museum Sichuan Jiayang Pavilion and China. Railway Museum Sichuan Jiayang Science Experience Base and so on. During the National Day, the special performances here continued, and the trains departed daily. Founded in 1958, the Bashi Railway has a total length of 19.84 kilometers, a gauge of 762 mm, six tunnels, 109 arcs and a maximum slope of 36 . It is the only passenger steam narrow-gauge train that is still operating normally in China and the world. It has the reputation of the living fossil of the industrial revolution and the out-of-print landscape of the industrial revolution. It is a landscape that is not easy to ignore here. Dongfang Red Square has a large stage of Mao Zedong Thought, and various song and dance performances are concentrated in front of the stage. There are plenty of shops around the square, including the Oriental Red Canteen, the Oriental Red Old Photo Gallery, the Happy Forest Cafe and the Grand Auditorium and the Soviet-style museum. The old retro building exudes a long-lasting taste, so you can not only feel the steam train, but also pick up memories of childhood. The mine experience tour of Huangcunjing is also a project that must be experienced in the scenic area. The original working environment of the miners' mining is preserved, and the history of the development of the coal mining industry is recorded. Once the mine tour is completed, the difficulty of mining work can be felt personally, and the development of science and technology can be experienced with each passing day. There are many eucalyptus trees around the lake that are known as plant fossils. When you cruise, you can see the spectacular scenery of the forest. There are still many baby fishes at the bottom of the lake, which shows the excellent water quality here. If you don't want to leave the crowd in the National Day, you should come to Jiayang, avoid the crowds, hit the small spots, and play new tricks. A small train is waiting for you, Jiayang people are waiting for you!
Qianwei County,Recommendations
The Jiayang train is the "classic train" on the 19.84-kilometer narrow-gauge railway 15 km north of the county town of Leshan, Sichuan. It is called the "living stone of the industrial revolution". "The out-of-print landscape of the industrial revolution is the former Jiayang mining area. The main force of transportation and passenger transportation is still responsible for passenger transportation (with sightseeing trains and ordinary passenger trains). The steam train runs through the mountains, pulling the whistle and steaming, such as in the paintings. Especially the spring rapeseed in the spring. When it is in full bloom, it is even more beautiful. This railway repaired by mountains, there are 109 large and small bends in the whole line, the difference between the highest and the lowest is 238.1 meters, and its slope and curvature are in the history of the whole country and even the world. It is rare. Liangshui is a place where steam trains perform steaming. Here guests will get off first to reach a high place on the side of the road, then the train will step back and then whistle. The white steam is ejected slowly, such as at the same time. It is said that if the conditions are right, you can also see the rainbow that appears after the steam is ejected. In the course of the steam train, you will pass the banana pitch. This is a former mining area of life, still looks like the sixties and seventies of the last century, feels time stopped here, and here still have occupants, is a very quiet town.
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