Reviews about Chocolate Museum

Eric Brink

Reviewed on 2 Nov 2011

The Museu de la Xocolata allows you to discover various secrets regarding cocoa and chocolate. It's a unique space, that is operated by a Confectioners Guild, and does a nice job allowing you to travel to the origins of this food, know about the process, and see the works of excellent pastry makers (through a window in the Courtyard) and chocolatiers. There's also a nice gift shop and small cafe in front to further sample this tasty goodness. And all the history might be just an excuse to show off the various ornate chocolate sculptures. The Museu de la Xocolata is located within the historical Convent de Sant Agusti and the architectural details are an extra bonus. In the same Building, also don't miss the Arxiu Fotographic de Barcelona (2 Floors Up). The we were here, Gayle and I really enjoyed a free exhibit by Jacques Leonard that featured intriguing black and white photos of the Gypsy community in Barcelona.