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Things To Do in Shunping

Nearby City
Langya (Wolf’s Tooth) Mountain
1,927 Reviews
阿木阿土When I was in school, I read the story of the five heroes of Langya Mountain, and I remembered Langya Mountain ever since. I always thought that Langya Mountain was just a mountain famous for its anti-Japanese heroes, and there would not be too beautiful scenery. I went there during the May Day and discovered that the scenery of this mountain is worthy of praise. The wonder of Langya Mountain lies in the protruding rocks, and the peaks stand tall and surrounded, like wolf teeth. It is in sharp contrast with the surrounding majestic Taihang Mountains. At the foot of the mountain is the Langya Mountain Five Warriors Memorial Square and group sculptures, and there is a memorial tower on the top of the mountain. In recent years, a glass path has been built on the top of the mountain, adding a lot of interest. You can take the ropeway up the mountain, and it takes about half an hour to walk to the top after getting off the ropeway. You can also choose to walk up the mountain, about two to three hours, and down the mountain is estimated to be more than an hour. Everyone can choose according to their physical and physical condition.
Nearby City
Mancheng Han Tomb
382 Reviews
yjw2000Mancheng Han Tomb, also known as Zhongshan Jingwang Tomb, is located on the Mausoleum of Mancheng District, Baoding City, Hebei Province. It is the tomb of Zhongshan Jingwang Liu Sheng and his wife Dou Wan in the Western Han Dynasty. In February of the fourth year of Yuanding, Emperor Wu of the Western Han Dynasty (113 BC), Liu Shengxuan and Dou Wan were buried four years after Yuanding of the Western Han Dynasty and before the first year of Taichu, that is, between 113 and 104 BC. The Han tombs in Mancheng are horizontal cave-style "cliff tombs", all of which are built with a mountain as a mausoleum. The layout of the Han tombs in Mancheng are similar in their layout, and they are composed of six parts: the tomb passage, the corridor, the north ear chamber, the south ear chamber, the middle chamber and the back chamber. The tomb is also equipped with an elaborate anti-theft and drainage system. The tombs of the two tombs are huge, and the burial objects are luxurious and luxurious. More than 10,000 pieces of gold, silver, bronze, iron, jade, stone, pottery, lacquer, silk and other relics have been unearthed, including "golden thread jade clothing" and "long" "Institution lanterns", "Wrong gold copper Boshan furnace" and other utensils. The Mancheng Han Tomb is one of the hundred great archaeological discoveries in the 20th century in China, and it occupies an important position in the history of Chinese archaeology. As a large-scale cliff cave tomb of the princes and kings of the Han Dynasty, the tomb of the Han Dynasty in Mancheng is large and well-preserved. The cultural relics unearthed from the tomb fully reflect the highly developed material civilization during the heyday of the Western Han Dynasty and the wisdom and creativity of the working people at that time . The discovery of Han tombs in Mancheng reveals the tomb structure and burial system of princes and kings in the Western Han Dynasty, and provides important material materials for studying the development of smelting, casting, lacquerware, textiles and other handicrafts and arts and crafts in the Han Dynasty.
Baiyintuo Scenic Area
42 Reviews
小沐她爸It takes 2 hours to drive from Baoding city to here on weekends. Although the mountain roads are not wide, the roads are well repaired. There are not many people who come on weekends. There is no large-scale meeting or congestion. There are 50 tickets for the scenic spot and 39 e-tickets. One hour in advance, parking is 5 yuan, there are several parking lots, there are plenty of parking spaces, there are many parking spaces available at 11 am, and the Red Leaf Festival has just opened, Jingmei, There are not many people, the air is really awesome compared to the urban area, and it succeeded in hiding from the haze! The altitude difference between the bottom of the mountain and the top of the mountain is nearly 300 meters. Slowly strolling around 6.5 kilometers, 3 hours, moderate amount of exercise, I walked slowly with the baby, and occasionally walked with the baby, refreshed after coming down!
Nearby City
Yishui Lake
1,377 Reviews
320***53Well worth a visit. The scenery is beautiful. The lake is really between the green mountains and the green water. The foot of the mountain is the ancient city. Although the ancient city is small, the food is still very good. The B&B is also very cost-effective. There is also barbecue and farmyard KTV at night. It is still lively.
Nearby City
Green Creek Valley Park
435 Reviews
Amusement Park
D24***01I have been going to amusement parks for most of my life and this little treasure is one of the best small parks I have been to. It has the atmosphere and even the entrance that is featured at most large parks, but it is not large at all. This park gives the best experiences of both large and small parks. This is actually a plus because I love smaller parks. There is a large roller coaster and a large Ferris wheel here with about a dozen or so other rides. It is a great park. I highly recommend it.
11 Reviews
yjw2000Yiqi Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Shunping County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. In 2004, it became the first batch of "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Sites". The scenic area covers an area of 17.5 square kilometers, 3 soil (sandstone) parking lots, one mountain gate, two viewing platforms (the North Terrace and the West Terrace are located in Hougezhuang Village and Zhanggezhuang Village respectively), 2000 steps of climbing steps, 13.6 kilometers of Huahuahuan Line , Complete hydropower facilities and convenient transportation. Every year on the sixteenth and seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunar calendar, merchants, literati and poosers, come from all directions to find their roots and worship their ancestors and experience the profound connotation of Yao culture. In the mid-spring season, it is an ideal place for tourists to go outing, admire flowers, and get close to nature. Among the eight scenic spots in Gushunping, "Xishan Qingxue", "Horse Peaks", "Spring Breeze in Spring" and "Red Leaves of Persimmon Forest" are concentrated. landscape.

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Xinglin Shanshui Park
Xinglin Shanshui ParkBaoding,China

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Longtanhu Scenic Area
Longtanhu Scenic AreaBaoding,China

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Baiyintuo Scenic Area
Baiyintuo Scenic AreaBaoding,China

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