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"Historical Site"
"From the old town back to the Red Boat Hotel, it is already 4 o'clock in the afternoon. After a short break, I will head to the next attraction. According to the online guide, there is a famous footpath in Stockholm, which is located in the Sodermalm highland south of the city, called the Monteliusvagen trail. This is a walking path on the edge of the cliff, extending to the other side of the small bay, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of downtown Sijing, it is the most representative view of sunset, and it is also the favorite place for photographers. Before going abroad, I was fascinated by it, and it was listed as a must-see. Unfortunately, its prescription is not very clear. Yesterday, I asked the staff of the Red Boat Hotel, but they didn't understand it, so they had to rely on their fuzzy directions. There is nowhere to search through iron shoes, and it takes no effort to find them. From the Red Boat Hotel, there is a hiking trail at the foot of the mountain across the road. Climb half of the mountainside and turn left and go straight ahead. It is the famous Monteliusvagen trail. I saw a small sign on the way. Looking down from the trail on the mountain, you can clearly see the Red Boat Hotel anchored by the coast. Behind the cliff is the new town. It was just overcast and it suddenly began to rain. It was so fast that God changed his face, and a rainbow appeared on the horizon. Does this indicate that the good news is coming. Start walking from Kattgrand at the west end of the trail (there is a small sign at the west end), and the sun chases behind you from west to east. On the right are beautiful houses of various shapes on the cliff, and on the left is the 180-degree view of the old city of Sijing. There is also a viewing platform on the way, many lovers snuggle together in the sunset and spend a good time together. This trail is called "the most beautiful skyline" by netizens, and it deserves it. I want to call it the "Twilight Love" trail, which is more romantic and moving. The trail of "Twilight of Love" chased the light back and forth twice. Here there are inexhaustible shooting themes and intoxicating times. Today’s chaos is a dream, and the setting sun only sees water flowing eastward."