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Surfing on the rocks - wave rock / rock
strange landscapes always sigh the wonders of nature, went to the wave valley in the western United States, Danxia wave valley in Longzhou, Shaanxi, although they are "wave", west The wavy rock in Australia is still amazing. The boulder is like a rising wave, making people want to surf on the rocks.
It is recommended to visit around noon, there will not be too many shadows to be more suitable for taking pictures. If you have enough time, you can climb this huge rock, or walk along the trail to the hippo's rock, which looks like a hippopotamus with a big mouth.
Tickets: AUD 12 per car, parking lot ticket vending machine payment.
Location: More than 300 kilometers from Perth, you can travel by car or group for a single day.
Mobile phone photo suggestion:
This group of photos are all taken by mobile phone~ Shooting a separate landscape photo It is recommended to open the wide-angle mode of the phone, which can make the rock lines more spectacular. Taking pictures of people in the landscape, you can use the portrait mode or large aperture mode that comes with your phone to create a shallow depth of field, which is more layered. The composition uses the lines and extension of the rock to better integrate the characters into the scenery. A group of mobile phone shootings are born.
Posted: 5 Sep 2019
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After leaving the Principality of the Hutt River, the road at the door can lead straight to Kalbarri. I think this road is beautiful, so I took a section on the road, that is, I was shooting this paragraph, one was not careful, our car was out of control. . The car slipped when it turned, and slipped a few times in the same place, crashing into the fence on the side of the road, and then slowly falling down. This is my first time outside the car accident. I don't remember what I was thinking when I was stuck in the car. I only knew that I was homesick when I used my strength to climb out of the car and breathe fresh air. At this moment we have already opened the Principality for 15 minutes. We rely on a few bottles of water in the car to wait for the rescue in the roadside exposure. After an hour, I finally waited for the car on the side of the road. The goodness of the Australian people is now the best gift in the world. The owner came down to help us with the cart, but they couldnt push it. Their car was not a four-wheel drive. There was no way to drag our car. So she decided to help us find a rescue, let us wait in the same place. At the moment, except for trust, there is no other to read. After half an hour, we waited for the owners, in addition to them, and the "king prince" of the Principality of the Hutt River. The story in the fairy tale was staged... At this moment, I was saved by the prince... He dragged the car for us, checked the vehicle, and determined that the car had no problem to ensure that we left the road safely. The Australian people are really simple. I thank them very much and feel that I have wasted everyone's time. The girl said, "This is nothing, because when we have a car accident, there will be someone to help. Here is Australia." On the way back. God looked at me after the car accident and was undecided, so I won a cloud of fire. Running in the direction of the morning glow, this is my favorite moment today. Night, my friend asked me: "What are you thinking about at the moment of overturning?" A: "Want to buy a bag"
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