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About Zhoushan

Zhoushan's fine reputation makes local people say, "Once you have visited Zhoushan, you will never again feel the need to visit another island". It is China’s largest archipelago, made up of around 400 islands. Tourists can appreciate the sand sculpture at Zhujiajian Island or go to swimming on one of the beaches of the Shengshi Islands. From Dongji (Farthest East) Island where the first rays of sunlight every day, every year and every century first hit the Chinese mainland, all the way to Qingbang (Green Waters) Island where you can see the “Potala Palace of the Sea”, the whole archipelago is full of amazing sites. Furthermore, the archipelago's Putuo Mountain has been known since antiquity as the "Ocean Kingdom of Buddhism" and the "Holy Land of the South China Sea". It is one of Chinese Buddhism's Four Great Mountains. Of course, if you come here in the Autumn, you can also can taste all kinds of affordable and delicious seafood.

Popular Attractions in Zhoushan

Putuo Mountain Scenic Area
16,221 Reviews
Taoist Temple
Boat Tour
Putuo Mountain is the only sacred Buddhist mountain in China that is located by the sea. The beautiful natural landscape merges with the long-standing Buddhist culture, earning it the title of "Heaven of the Sea and Kingdom of the Buddhist" at home and abroad. Putuo Mountain is not only a sacred place of Buddhism, it also has the characteristics of a seaside city: beach and seafood. The island has two sandy beaches of Qianbusha and Baibusha. Beachside hotels and seafood restaurants are gathered there.
Gouqi Island
445 Reviews
Gouqi Island is located in the eastern part of the Shengsi Islands and is the second largest island in the area, second only to Sijiao Island. It is relatively close to both Zhoushan and Shanghai and is suitable for family holidays. On Gouqi Island, you can take a walk on the beach, go hiking and watch the ocean, and witness the awe-inspiring cliffsides. You can experience the atmosphere of a fishing village, and you can also enjoy fresh seafood such as the famous local mussels. July, August, and September are the best times to visit Gouqi Island; you can enjoy the beach, go fishing in the sea, climb “Xiao Xi Tian” to see the sunset, or simply walk around and soak in the atmosphere. You can also go to "Shan Hai Qi Guan" to enjoy the ocean views, and you can also visit the neighboring Lushan Island to see the famous cliffsides.
927 Reviews
Nansha is the Zhujiajian Scenic Area's most famous swimming beach. Unlike most other swimming beaches, Nansha not only has fine sand but is also a place to see all kinds of wonderful and imaginative sand sculptures. Visitors can try their own hand at making a sand sculpture. Trod along the soft sandy beach in the damp salt spray between ocean and land, savor the fresh ocean breeze, watch children playing tag and enjoy a beautiful seaside holiday.
Zhujiajian Scenic Area
1,042 Reviews
Zhujiajian Scenic Area is situated at the southeastern part of the Zhoushan Archipelago and famed for its premium sand beaches. In September this is the hosting place of Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival. The island has four scenic sites, namely Beach of Black Pebbles, Pavilion of Guanyin Culture, Southern Beach, and Mountain of the Big Blue. The Eastern Beach is a great spot to watch the sunrise, while the Southern Beach is a great place to experience the hustle and bustle of a seaside resort, where one can wade in the sea water along the beach, take a stroll, or enjoy a plethora of rides on the water.

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9 Jul 2020
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Trip Moments

Address: No. 20, Chenghuang Temple, Dinghai District, Zhoushan City. (From [Zhoushan Hall of Fame] 296 meters) The charm of an ancient city is often hidden in the corner of the old street. Zhongjie Street, formerly known as Bajia Street, was formed in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was originally a commercial street in the late Qing Dynasty. It is currently an old block with a relatively complete preservation of Dinghai. According to the newly-edited "Dinghai District Place Names": "The old city is centered on the Zhuangyuan Bridge, with five main streets in the east, south, west, north and middle, and has direct access to the four city gates and the county office. There are 19 small streets. The total length is 9,700 meters; 108 lanes are alleys, with a total length of 2510 meters, criss-crossing and interconnected, all of which are slate and stone pavement... The street is 3.5 meters to 5 meters wide and 1.5 meters to 3 meters wide. " After "old, Zhongjie Street, which is old and old, is not only a historical continuation of the development of Dinghai City, but also a marine culture with island architecture culture, island fish culture, island food culture, island production culture, island folk art, island Buddhist culture, etc. A style of marine culture is a street; it is a great place to taste the ancient charm of Dinghai Ancient City and experience slow life. The wooden door Zhu wall, the blue stone road, the quaint and bright, this hundred-meter-long ancient street has dozens of different styles, different styles of coffee shops, dessert shops and tea houses, in the ancient charm of blue bricks and lanterns Come with a cup of coffee or tea, with a delicate cake, slow down the pace of life...
Posted: 16 May 2017
Let's take a look at our dinner plate at night. Waiting for the food to appear one by one, and all the 20 dishes are the owner's wife! braised plum fish: There is a hint of sweetness, especially fresh and tender, and the taste is very positive. Fresh simmer: The fresh oysters are naturally sprinkled after spitting, and the meat is very tight. braised fish: can only be called this way, this time I ate a lot of fish that I don't know, just a word! Squid block: I usually eat very little, the plate is also the shape of the fish, the meat is very delicate and tender. Braised Scorpion: We called him Xiaoxian in Shanghai because he looks like. The meat is tender and tender, delicious ~~~ braised octopus: the favorite dish, the size of the octopus, the meat is thick and silky. braised little yellow croaker: a strip of fish lying quietly inside, waiting for us to taste. Spicy sea shrimp: A bit sweet, but more delicious, be careful not to eat. Steamed shuttle crab: The crab is not too fat, but it is fresh enough, delicious enough, and delicious enough! Steamed Conch: A colorful conch, the boss is going to go to the beach on the beach in the afternoon (I didn't find it on the beach!) Fish Soup: the delicious city with fresh sea fish and mushrooms Especially chewy, no flour, hand made. Snow cabbage wild yellow croaker soup: This is the biggest bright spot today. When the boss goes out to sea in the afternoon, they catch the yellow croaker that they usually don't see. The fresh eyebrows are falling. Wild vegetables: It is thought to be dried plum, but not local wild vegetables, the taste is as delicious as fish.
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