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Things To Do in Brisbane

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_We***49Only 12km from Brisbane City, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the world’s first and largest koala sanctuary. There is a direct bus from city that will take about 30-45 min depend on traffic . pre purchase the ticket online as it is cheaper by 10 dollar . uber will cost about 25-30 buck and it only take about 15 min or so . there are some show through the days . dont miss it . and one is able to take a photo with a korea for FREE . but to hug one a fee is require .
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City Park
Edison Tevawhen you go to Brisbane. please do not miss south bank. See can see the Brisbane city view by south bank
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D28***53i had a good times staying at Moreton Island, I would like to go there again and it’s worth going
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_FB***72it’s just like the Sydney harbour bridge... but for Brisbane haha
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Observation Deck
水儿DorisKangaroo Point is a loop of the Brisbane River. It is located on a higher ground, overlooking the beautiful Brisbane River and the high-rise buildings on the opposite bank. Although it is called Kangaroo Point, it is a pity that you can't find kangaroos here. It is actually a pocket formed by the turn of the Brisbane River. There are two legends about the name Kangaroo Point: one is that the bay is said to resemble the tail of a kangaroo, so the locals call it Kangaroo Point, just like the Cape of Good Hope in Africa; the other is that it is said that this place used to be where the government hunted kangaroos. Kangaroos became a disaster and affected people's lives. The government drove kangaroos to Kangaroo Point. Kangaroos fell off the cliff or were besieged. So later there was the witty saying "There is no story on the story bridge, and no kangaroo in the kangaroo corner".
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City Hall
文旦柚Brisbane Town Hall, located in the city center, free access to the exhibition hall on the second floor, free reservation on the second floor, the top floor of the bell tower, there is a team, take the "old antique" elevator up to the bell tower, when the bell rings, in the elevator, listen to the guide guide explain, Then go up to the top floor and have a great view of Brisbane