Anren Ancient Town! Come here for the National Day holiday without going far!

Wherever you go during the National Day, there are people everywhere Without going far, it won't be too crowded Bring your family to Anren Ancient Town It's just right! There are many interesting shops And ancient mansions and buildings The cost of food is also at a daily level I particularly like the atmosphere inside the ancient mansion After years of baptism, the ancient charm is long In addition, there are many activities in the ancient town during the National Day There are wish walls & comedy & clown balloons There is also a masquerade at night The arrangement is quite full You can play from morning till night Transportation🚘 1, Directly drive about 70 minutes 2, You can also take half of the bus, and take a taxi for the other half We took the bus to Wuhou Interchange, and then took a taxi together, which is more cost-effective! 3, There are direct buses to Anren from the Tea Shop Passenger Station, which is also convenient 4, You can also take the high-speed train from Chengdu West Station to Dayi Station, and then take a taxi Everyone considers comprehensively
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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Anren Ancient Town

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