Anren Ancient Town·National Day to experience the rustic charm

Where to find the rustic charm during the National Day holiday? Take a journey through time, Why not choose Anren Ancient Town. This thousand-year-old town retains a large number of mansion buildings, It's like an ancient scroll. Walking on the stone slab street, feeling the old taste; Visit the magnificent various ancient houses, listen to the whispers of history; Taste local special snacks, satisfy the desire of taste buds. Every brick and tile in the ancient town is a witness to history, It arouses awe. In addition, there are handmade experiences, interactive performances, masquerade parties, and various cultural experiences Make your holiday more colorful. Anren Ancient Town, not only let you pursue the footsteps of history It will also give you an unforgettable travel memory.
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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Anren Ancient Town

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