When I got up in the morning, I saw a faint glow in the lake. Looking at such clouds every day, the days of breathing fresh air are so wonderful! After breakfast, we are going to go to Glenorchy, the source of this lake in Queenstown, where many of the rings of the Lord of the Rings are concentrated, and we go there to participate in a magic ring jungle walk and speedboat activities. Then take a helicopter! Its really exciting to think about it. On the way to Glenorchy, all the way to the lake and mountains, this road has been rated as the world's top ten most beautiful roads. When you arrive in the town of Glenorchy, report to the event center, then they will drive us over the bus. This grassland pasture and the mountains behind it have appeared many times in the Lord of the Rings and many advertisements. Jungle Hiking is an ancient forest where we take a ring of magic. All the trees here are covered with moss, which is especially magical. . However, in fact, the time is very short, and it takes a circle in the forest to come out. Finally, we sent us to the pier not far from the activity center. This place is the source of the lake. It is especially beautiful. I also took a lot of time here~ Next is the long-awaited helicopter! He took a helicopter through the lake, then flew to the snow and parked on the snow, feeling cool. We signed up for a 45-minute snow-capped flight, which is about two thousand yuan. The only photo on the snowy mountain~ After playing the speedboat and helicopter, I slowly drove back to Queenstown. The weather is very good today. I feel that the beauty of Queenstown has reached a new level in the sun!