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Things To Do in Dali

2,137 Reviews
_We***88A very beautiful island with many interesting cultural sights to visit and lovely walking paths with great viewpoints all along. There are many flowers and trees on the island. There are clear directions on routes to take to visit the places and it’s easy to walk around and explore.
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_We***80Absolutely beautiful. This is good for a peaceful day out. The pools and butterflies are beautiful. I suggest packing some snacks and enjoying the lovely surroundings while having a picnic! You can take a electric car up, but it’s just a short walk and so beautiful!
2,731 Reviews
Niall QBeautiful scenic area with lots of cool coffee shops. many coffee shops and restaurants are located right on the water.
Nearby City
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HoooooNice scenery and peaceful there. I just went there and sat on a rock to read a book. It was a wonderful day.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
Ash & MedsFor those of you who are nearly templed out, hang in there for one more cultural park! The 3 pagodas are just the beginning, behind them lays temple after temple. The main pathway leading to the temple breaks off into goregous garden paths, which are well worth exploring.After exploring the park, you can enjoy a simple, yet delicious, vegetarian buffet for 20¥. You can easily spend a couple of hours in the park and I would say it's worth the 75¥ ticket.
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Ash & MedsChangshan Mountain (park tickets 30¥)Highlights - There are 3 cableways Gantong, Ximatan and Zhonghe. Ximatan is the only one that will take you to the top (we ran out of time, but wished we did this one). Gantong is 75¥ for a return ticket and takes about 10-15mins. Very touristy, not much to see or do at the top, personally wouldn't recommend. Zhonghe- This is a very slow chairlift, takes about 35-40mins, 60¥ return ticket. Far less tourists. We recommend the hike behind the temple. Head to the right for some amazing views (1st 4 photos).