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Qinghutou Library

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First try to write a trip shooting, the small puppet is simple and rough to focus, walk up...* has style and personality, white main play, not only satisfy the pure romantic feelings of boys and girls, but also take care of the confidence of old aunts like me to learn, book and environment arrangement * strictly speaking, punching is better than the library itself. . . * Book reading Lele, there is water... Restaurant... Flowers... Replenish energy, the premise is to bring a mobile phone, the mobile phone with * library comes out next to Dongguan relative famous food street, Dongguan 13 bowls, one side restaurant type, one side snack type, almost all have in the north and south, is Xiaogui, almost no business during the day, Going to the mall is also good * Meet yourself, multi-literary name, know inside and attack outside... *Read a book...Jiang Crawl...Recommended address: Navigation directly enter to meet yourself ok business hours: It seems that white 9...Black 10 per capita consumption: Free recommendation reason: net red punch card itinerary: One day... Not so fast


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