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Ulva IslandNearby City

Ulva Island

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215.4km from Queenstown ·
"Ulva Island, a small island in New Zealand that even 90% of New Zealanders have not set foot in, is the most recommended "pure paradise". Ulva Island: Located on the periphery of New Zealand's third largest island [Steward Island], it is an uninhabited bird paradise without any mammals. To go to Ulva Island, you must first arrive at Steward Island. Buy a leaf-made boat ticket (20 dollars/person round trip) at the exclusive small pier, and it will take about 15 minutes to arrive at Ulva Island. The frequency of the boat is limited, because there is only one uncle sailing back and forth, every 1h, remember to consult the inn or the boat company in advance. Feature recommendation: New Zealand has always been known as a bird paradise. And if you want to see the most special and even the oldest birds, the best choice is naturally Ulva Island trekking. This is probably the closest point to the Antarctic in New Village, and it is uninhabited and closed. Many birds that are only mentioned in textbooks or museums can be intimately contacted here. There are three different types of trekking routes on the entire island, each with a different point of view. Indicated by icons of different colors, some sections are covered with ferns, some sections are flying around by birds, and some sections are along the beach. There are walking trails throughout the venue, basically no difficulty, walking in the woods, listening to the birds, eyes full of green, stop and walk, it takes about 4 hours. Here, Kea, the chief of the parrot family, will jump around on the branches and often hear the most beautiful call of Tui. There is also a Fantail that brings good luck to the feet. If you are lucky, you You can see the national treasure of New Zealand-kiwi bird. If you want to understand the nature of New Zealand in depth and want to make your trip to New Zealand unique, Ulva Island will not disappoint you~"