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Batumi Botanical GardensNearby City

Batumi Botanical Gardens

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Ranked #2 in Batumi Can't Miss Attractions
253.9km from Tbilisi ·
"We left the homestay and started our tour in Batumi. Across the road from the hotel is Batumi’s famous seaside promenade. At this moment, under the blue sky and white clouds, tourists and citizens are moving around this promenade, so the entire seaside is very lively. We first walked past the Batumi lighthouse to the direction of the Ferris wheel. Music came from the cruise ships along the shore. Some people were soliciting tourists from the shore, and some were belly dancing on the cruise ships to attract tourists. There are many local people fishing along the seashore that I saw along the way. Although there is no big gain, it seems to be a way of leisure. After breakfast, I left the homestay and continued to visit Batumi. I still crossed the road to the seaside promenade. This section of the seaside promenade was not walked yesterday afternoon. Although the city has not yet woken up at this time, the seaside is already a place for tourists to exercise early. On the sun-drenched seashore, many tourists are already swimming in the water, and even those who have come early have begun to lie on the beach and bask in the sun. The beach here is not fine sand but pebbles, but this does not seem to affect tourists' love for this beach. In addition to the sidewalk, there are also bicycle paths on the spacious seaside promenade, and between the road is a wide green wooded park. On the side of the walking path close to the beach are numerous restaurants, bars and cafes. Judging from the scale of the seats, the number of tourists received here is also very considerable. There are also many abstract art sculptures on this section of the walking path. These easy-to-understand sculptures add cultural color to this landscape. There is also a fitness equipment area next to this walking path, there are also children’s play facilities, and a volleyball tennis court. There are many people who exercise in the fitness equipment area early in the morning. There are also some people who exercise on bicycles and some people who run. The residents living near this walking path in this city are very happy because they have unique advantages in geographical resources."