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Fine Art Gallery
3D Trick Art GalleryNearby City

3D Trick Art Gallery

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Open from 9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"[New Zealand's most popular photo destination, Jurotoluba 3d photo gallery] Do you think there is only Duomei Road for New Zealand net red graffiti photo spots? NoNoNo today takes you to a local red graffiti photo resort 3DTrick Art Gallery, an exhibition hall located in Rainbow Farm Park opposite the Skyline of Rorotura, New Zealand, and the small family can go round the Skyline. You may feel very disdainful, naked eyes 3D graffiti has rotted everyone in China, why waste money here to see? The reason is simple, because there is a unique Maori element in New Zealand! The entrance is a 3D portrait filled with Maori elements, in addition to the exhibition hall is full of New Zealand natural scenery, New Zealand National Football Team and so on. The exhibition hall itself is not big, but because the space is very reasonable, there are a lot of scenes. The pavilion not only has small scenes like picture frames and pets, but also huge sets like woods and so on. If there are many people, it can take lots of creative photos. It's okay that straight men don't take pictures. There are recommended areas for photos in front of each set. You only need to find a boyfriend who can take a camera. You can come out from the exhibition hall. You can also go to the farm nearby. There are sheep shearing shows, etc., which are also very suitable for families with children. There is also a buffet on the farm, which is inexpensive. Practical tips can be picked up at the door of the Hell Gate Hot Spring coupon. It is recommended that you collect it and go to the hot spring venue. There are hardly any staff. You can bring your own tripod. It costs 3D Exhibition tickets 22 tickets plus buffet $45. Details can see the last picture address need To drive to 171-193 Fairy Springs Road, Fairy Springs, Rotorua 3015"