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Things To Do in Batang

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gz当地向导伊妹儿Jinsha River Bridge has pleasant scenery, fresh air, natural, comfortable, interesting, refreshing feeling, refreshing, shocking, super cost-effective, driving by, take pictures.
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顺时针1986West Sichuan has world-class scenery and is a secret place worthy of in-depth travel. Summer is a good time to go to Western Sichuan. If you have been to Ruoergai, Jiuzhaigou, Daocheng Yading, then choose Litang, because this is the location of Genie Mountain. It is located in Reke Township, Litang County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, at an altitude of 6,204 meters. , Is the 13th goddess among the 24 sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism in China. Anyone who has been to the Mount Gnei will be overwhelmed by its majesty. The main peak of the Mount Gnei is covered with snow all year round, emitting a dazzling brilliance under the sunlight. This is a typical high altitude area. Sparsely populated, there is a kind of original ecology everywhere, and many places are still in the state of virgin land. Recommend a route: from Chengdu along the Chengya Expressway to Yajiang, turn to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway via Kangding and Xindu Bridge to Litang. This is a purely self-driving cross-country route. Starting from Chengdu, drive along National Highway 318, and then pass through the Maoya Prairie to drive towards Gnei Mountain, passing through the Tiejiangshan Pass at an altitude of 4750, where you can see the Gnee Peaks in a row. open. From Litang County to Batang County, most of the road sections travel on the south side of Genie Mountain. The whole distance is 230 kilometers and the driving time is about 2-3 days. It is a high-risk crossing route. The psychological and physical requirements are very high. Affected by the epidemic, starting from April 22, 2020, Gnieshen Mountain Scenic Area will be open to the public. The daily opening hours are 8:30-18:00. You must actively show your ID card and health code at the entrance management service station of the scenic area. Confirm the health status, consciously accept the temperature measurement, cooperate with the real-name registration, and fill in the visitor’s admission letter.
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Nature Reserve
enjoyzentMangcuo is in Mangling Township in the middle of Mangkang, only 90 kilometers away from Mangkang County. Due to the rugged mountains and poor road conditions, the three-hour dirt road was extremely difficult. Arriving at the destination, this natural magnificent scenery is almost uninhabited, and only nomadic folks and the cattle and sheep can pass by. "The boundless greenery depends on the sheep shepherd", the encounter with Mangcu is a stunning visual enjoyment. Peaceful and light, comfortable and leisurely, forgetting the noisy world, and letting go of our irritable minds, we are on the road, encountering a past that is worth remembering in a lifetime.
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City | ​​landmark
酒仙老周Famous City of Sky! After the ten thousand miles, we finally came to the heart of the Litang! God is very patronizing, we arrived as a photo of the thick clouds! However, when the last time to long youth Keer Temple when the cloud is not! The temple buildings against the blue sky are fantastic! Loved this place! [Views] [Fun] [Cost-effective]
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Snow Mountain
acton28An exceptional region of wonderful views and cultural heritage
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_GG***10A nice place with a beautiful views around. You can also walk down to the village from here.

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