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Trial Bay GaolNearby City

Trial Bay Gaol

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"Historical Site"
"Trial Bay Gaol—Visit the prison? Trial Bay Gaol is considered a very famous prison site. Before reaching Trial Bay Gaol, there is a walking street of about two kilometers. The prison is generally far from the city, so there are very few people. [Different feeling] The surrounding scenery is also the kind of original scenery without man-made destruction. Walking slowly along the street, the coastline next to it gradually becomes clear. The calm sea is not as turbulent as on the beach. The sea is exhibited. The small waves blown by the wind and photographed him to the shore, turning white waves. The black reefs along the coast are arranged irregularly, and many black pits are corroded by the sea. Through a small forest, the woods are not very dense, and the trees are not as high as the original forest, but they fit the scenery of the island very well. The prison is here. Although it is a prison, I feel the inexplicable warmth of the entire prison, the brown stone walls, red bricks and tiles, the feeling of a European town. But the inside feels dark and heavy. Looking outside through the fence, the outside is bright and full of life. It seems that the whole prison is lifeless, as if the person living in the prison is me at this time. It is also the first time to visit the prison. There is no "lively" in the past, and it makes people wonder if this is really a prison? Address: Cardwell Street Arakoon National Park, South West Rocks, New South Wales, Australia"