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Top Things to do In Changsha 2021



129 things to do found in Changsha
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Exhibition Halls
Hunan Provincial Museum

Hunan Provincial Museum

4.8/55,421 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 123 reviews
Open on Tue-Sun,9:00am-5:00pm;Closed on Mon;Open from 9:00am-5:00pm during Chinese public holidays (Local time)
"Transportation: It is very convenient to take the car: there are three floors in total, the first floor is a painting exhibition, the second floor is the "Hunan people" Sancha Cultural Exhibition, the third floor is the Mawangdui Han Tomb Exhibition highlights: The remains of Mrs. Xinzhuo, who is not corrupted by the millennium, are on the first floor, and you can follow the route on the third floor to Xinzhuo's remains. "Before, Xin Chai was not putrid because he was digging deep, using white paste and charcoal and four-fold ash to preserve the outermost part of the building, and a large wooden ash package. In the inner ash, there were 40 kilograms of saliva to protect the body from decay. The Han people believed that the body was immortal and the soul was immortal." It is almost the same as the Egyptians' view of life and death, which makes me feel that human civilization is indeed the same way. The exhibits in the Provincial Bo are really very linchpin, and I can't see them. I was shocked by the national treasures "Yue Fang Ling" and the face-ding displayed in the bronze ware area. I was impressed by the ingenuity of the ancients. I also learned that the ancients used bronze ware to eat during the Shang and Zhou periods. Qin and Han Dynasties to the Song Dynasty are used lacquerware for dining, Song Dynasty only to start using porcelain as tableware. In addition, the wrapping of small feet is the Song Dynasty after the rise of the bad habits, before the Song Dynasty. Mrs. Xin Chai's feet I looked at is the normal foot. The human shape chandelier inside, the oil injection hole, the pipeline, it is really eye-opening. Bronze pig, this musical instrument is really a rare thing, the country in Hunan unearthed a few, blue fin gold wrinkles rods and bottles are very my appetite, full of eyes, the earliest health medicine pillow in China, the Han Dynasty Mrs. Xinzhuo used, it seems that the science of health has long been ancient, Then there is 1916, there are the Republic Medal of the skull, the swan skeleton, etc. You can come to visit, absolutely not a trip. Tips: Xin Chao does not allow photos, it should be afraid of the impact of flashing the anti-corrosion effect, or out of respect for the body. The most people on weekends, the closing of the museum on Monday, it is recommended to choose a time from Tuesday to Friday, the least people, you can see slowly, also convenient to take pictures, come in must wear a mask, educate children not to touch the cultural relics, to "Hunan Provincial Museum WeChat Public Number" to make an appointment for a visit is very convenient."
Xinmin Organization site

Xinmin Organization site

4.2/543 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 3 reviews
"Memorial Hall"
Open on Tue-Sun,9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Everyone has the memory of youth. With the growth of age and experience, you will always feel arrogant, paranoid, ignorant, and ignorant when you are young. However, at the beginning of the twentieth century, a group of aspiring young people with the ambition to save the country and the people, organized and established the Xinmin Society for the purpose of "improving the lives of individuals and all mankind". Among them, Mao Zedong, Cai Hesen, Xiang Jingyu, Li Lisan, He Shuheng, Cai Chang, and a large number of early leaders and backbones of the CCP came out. It must be said that this is a miracle in the history of the Chinese revolution. As the saying goes, the fragrance of osmanthus in August is now in the first ten days of September in the lunar calendar, and the laurel is still full of trees and the fragrance is overflowing. On this occasion, I came to visit the former site of Xinmin Society. This is the house rented by the Cai Hesen family back then. It used to be a residence for the grave guards. Because there is a tomb of the Zhou family on a slope, it is called Zhoujiataizi. Young Mao Zedong and Cai Hesen were classmates and close friends, and Mao Zedong lived here when he accompanied his mother to Changsha for treatment. It is located at the foot of Yuelu Mountain and the west bank of the Changsha section of the Xiangjiang River. It should have been a suburb back then, but now it belongs to the main city of Changsha. The old site is small, quiet and tidy inside, with camphor trees, laurels, loquats, crape myrtle, ginkgo, palms, rhododendrons, vines, lush green bamboos, and corridors for visitors to rest. This is one of the most common houses in rural Hunan, and there are not many displays inside. Someone told me that these exhibits were collected from local farmers. It is no wonder that this place was destroyed by fire in 1938 and was not rebuilt and available for visitors until 1984. In fact, the main thing to visit here is to see the exhibition hall. Because the old photos, photocopy texts and some text introductions in the exhibition hall can make you feel the passion of a group of young students nearly a hundred years ago, and the dedication and sacrifice they made to transform and change China. I think this is the meaning of the visit. Visiting the old site of Xinmin Society is free of charge with ID card. The visiting hours are: every Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-17:00, closed every Monday. The address is Zhoujiataizi, Zhoujia Lane, Xinmin Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City, less than 300 meters from the north gate of Yuelu Mountain and about 600 meters from the west bank of Xiangjiang River. Buses 63, 106, 109, 301, 317, 401, 902, etc. all stop. Ctrip mistakenly wrote the address here as Liujiataizi, which should be corrected to: Zhoujiataizi. 2016.10.11" is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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