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Churches and Cathedrals
翱翔的大鲨鱼The exterior of Basel Cathedral is a typical Gothic building, a cathedral with a history of nearly a thousand years. Although the outside is very simple and low-key, the inside is very solemn and rich. From the big to the details, you can see the heart of this church.
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Historical Site
奶酪姐妹游瑞士My husband and I didn’t plan to go to Augst at all. Because of the new crown virus, Switzerland’s tourism, catering, and entertainment industries are all related. We were on Sunday, and it was the 17th wedding anniversary. We just wanted to ride a bicycle to fly, and then we rode to August. Because there are no tourists, all familiar sights become so special. We just order one by one. It’s very relaxing, very economical (no place to eat and drink coffee harms money), and very carefree (if no one is in front of you, you can easily bring yourself into what was 2500 years ago. Scenes). In the amphitheater, a pair of young men and women playing rock music and doing physical exercises are really hilarious; in front of the school square in the old town, watching the mother white stork working hard on the tree top to feed its three babies (local residents) I installed a camera on the tree and put it on the TV in the big window of the village and township next to it), so the family carnival on the tree is live broadcast 24/7; then walk to the Rhine River to find the history that has completely passed away and look at the opposite The German camping site is deserted. In short, this is a one-day trip that saves money, fitness, and knowledge.
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xiaohei5678Located in the northwestern corner of Switzerland, Basel is a very interesting town near France and Germany. It is very close everywhere. Closer is the hilly area of the Saône region in southeastern France, where there is a church of Ronchamp designed by the architect Le Corbusier. Of course, Basel itself also has historical background and international financial importance.
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M22***23The zoo is not big, but it is quite interesting. We had a great time shopping. The zoo is not big, but it is quite interesting. We had a great time shopping. The zoo is not big, but it is quite interesting. We had a great time shopping.
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City Hall
Building by Famous Architects
fz570628As it was written, I noticed that a Basel City Hall was missing, so I quickly made it up. The City Hall of Basel is located in Marktplatz in the old city. It has a dark red facade, high towers, a beautiful interior wall painted with colorful pictures, a romantic arcade, and a majestic sculpture standing in a corner of the courtyard. Everything is magnificent and artistic. The City Hall was built in the 16th century. The walls are painted with exquisite paintings by famous ancient Swiss painters and hung twelve emblems of the twelve cantons that joined the Swiss Confederation.
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世界美食游走达人Visitors to the Swiss Museum of Art range from babies in their arms to gray-haired elderly people who stop at gates or ticket booths to experience the high-profile and the surrounding person's temperament. Even many people are worth seeing in their dresses. Basel Museum of Art Kunstmuseum Basel has new and old buildings

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Mittlere BrückeBasel-Stadt,Switzerland

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St. Jakob-ParkBasel-Stadt,Switzerland

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Museum of Contemporary Art and Media ArtBasel-Stadt,Switzerland

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Zoo BaselBasel-Stadt,Switzerland

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24 Oct, 2021 Basel Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 84%, Sunrise/Sunset: 08:01/18:26
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