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Things To Do in Cairns

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杨泽娅The Great Barrier Reef, where at low tide some of the coral reefs are exposed to the water to form a coral island. The landscape is fascinating, inscrutable, and the current is extremely complex, with over 400 different types of coral reefs, including the largest in the world. There are 1,500 fish species, more than 4,000 mollusks, 242 birds and unique scientific conditions. It is also home to some endangered species of animals, such as the pygmy and the giant green turtle.
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Cable Car
E28***59great experience . the skyrail will take you 30 mins for one way trip.Never dispointment .
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National Park
M18***13Ahhhhh Cairns, this is truly well worth visiting, and Green Island is just terrific, I was there twice, Cairns is great, I found it to be a safe city, great local people, just take the usual precaurions that you would take whilst touring anywhere
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_Em***arGreat spot, huge pool thtbtge public can use for free. Great views and restaurants and bars all around... nice walk way and even an outdoor gym!
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齐哗哗啊The Cairns Aquarium is the latest and most regional aquarium in Australia and has won two awards in tourism. It is the only ecological exhibition hall in the world that brings together the two major natural heritage sites of the world, Great Barrier Reef and the tropical rainforest. The museum is divided into 10 northern queensland ecosystems and 71 habitats, and you can enjoy more than 15000 northern queensland features in the fully air-conditioned environment, including many rare conservation species. The aquarium is open year-round and includes daily timed hourly lectures and a salmon and shark show; there is also a package with lunch and dinner to enjoy a unique five-star dining environment in Cairns. Located in the center of Cairns, the Aquarium is located 5 minutes walk from the promenade, adjacent to major hotels in the city, convenient transportation.
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pxy0705Paronila Park is a very good virgin forest park in Cairns, where there are many ancient buildings and tall trees, especially the banyan tree and other buildings perfectly blended together, it looks very simple and elegant, full of mystery The air here is also very fresh. It is definitely a place worth visiting in Cairns.