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M39***83I came to Taohuayuan to relax and breathe fresh air on the weekend. I drove myself. I arrived in more than an hour, which is more convenient than taking a train ☺️. Because I drove my car, I was not prepared to stay here overnight. After visiting the ancient town, it will be about 8:9 o'clock. It is still possible to return home. I don't have a regular sightseeing route, just follow the main road, where to go and where to go. There are quite a lot of farmhouse music here. I can smell the food at the meal point. It is very delicious 😏, the local food is really delicious, it is too few choices for one person. If you bring a few friends, you can taste a variety of food. Here, farmhouse and fish pond mahjong room are a good place to kill time.
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Theme Park
M17***40The playground is divided into several areas, suitable for all ages, and the same type of comprehensive playground with Fonte. During the National Day, there are not too many people, no long queue. The most praiseworthy thing is that even one person will start the machine, which is very human. Overall, it feels good and is recommended!
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首席监理Liuye Lake Tourist Resort is located in the northeast of Changde Ancient City, Hunan Province. It was founded in 1993, and is named because the lake is shaped like a Liuye leaf. It belongs to the West Dongting Lake. It is a compound tourist resort with four parts: mountains, water, pastoral and city. It is known as the "First Lake of China City" and "Water Paradise surrounded by cities", and it is a national 4A level tourist attraction, national water conservancy scenic spot, and provincial tourist resort. The resort has the world of Kale Planet, the Great Tang Sima City, the world of happy water, the beach park, the scenery belt around the lake, the white-hot tourist town, the golf international club, Changdehe Street, the German style street, Liu Yi biography, Liu Ye poetry and other scenic spots, The development pattern of lake leisure, forest leisure, city leisure and country leisure has basically formed, and become the tourist destination of many tourists leisure and vacation.
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Water Park
AK谌尧With his wife, Zaizai will play from 5 to 9:30 in the afternoon. It's quite fun. Both adults and children will have fun. The staff inside is very good. I accidentally washed my mobile phone while surfing. The staff picked it up and sent it to the tourist service center as soon as possible. Special thanks 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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Flower Fields
gz当地向导伊妹儿Fenglin Huahai is located in Taoyuan, with nice scenery and pleasant scenery. Turn around, take pictures, and see the scenery. It is refreshing and comfortable. It is a good choice to feel the happiness brought by nature.
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Nature Reserve
睡恣@M丶The mountain body is composed of granite and metamorphic rocks, with Qifeng forest, wide valley and intermountain basins, and there are limestone peak forests, peaks and karst caves similar to Guilin.

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Willow LakeChangde,China

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Yiwang CreekChangde,China

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Dongshan Peak Ski ResortChangde,China

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Taohua Xueyuan Indoor Ski ResortChangde,China

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Longwang CaveChangde,China

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Hefu National Forest ParkChangde,China

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About Changde

Changde, located in the northern part of Hunan Province, on the west side of Dongting Lake, was called Wuling in ancient times. Changde’s scenic spots and historical sites are scattered all over. The most famous one is the Peach Blossom Spring which the poet Tao Yuanming once described back in the Jin Dynasty. Additionally, scenic spots such as Jiashan Temple, Hupingshan and the “China Changde Poetry Wall” are well known both at home and abroad. Changde is beautiful not only in scenery; a large number of talented people came from this land. The literati Qu Yuan, Tao Yuanming, Li Bai, and Liu Yuxi are all famous people of the past who once lived here. They left behind many popular poems. Older generation revolutionaries like Lin Boqu, the famous writer Ding Ling, and the historian Jian Bozan were born in Changde.

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22 Oct, 2021 Changde Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 79%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:38/17:57
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