City of Playford
South Australia
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风中走了八万里Adelaide Central Market is a must-visit place to visit the city of Adelaide. It was established by German immigrants who came here more than a hundred years ago. It belongs to a vegetable market in the southern hemisphere second only to Victoria Market. In it you can Find Italian food, cheap and authentic Korean food, affordable Cantonese morning tea, fresh and cheap fruits and vegetables, rich yogurt, freshly baked bread, all kinds of sausages, cheese, red wine, and even baked it in the shop Pei’s coffee and so on, a delicious and fun place that will make you amazed at this trip haha
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爱💃跳舞的DaisyIt's a bit big inside. I went shopping for more than two hours with a four-year-old child. I rented a cart at the entrance but it's a bit heavy. Heavy, heavy, push a little bit. Later, feeding the alpaca outside the circle and disappearing. Going to this panda is more happy than the big children who see at the Chengdu Panda Base. Huan monkey's favorite children's area inside can go in and feed alpaca. It's just bought grass. Before I entered the door, the alpaca was crowded. So the child sprinkles a bag of grass on the floor. It's unnecessary to go shopping. You can also go. We have been going to Ade for too long. There is no place. Going, it's very convenient to come here.
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Botanical Garden
_FB***24The Adelaide Botanic Garden is the most beautiful place in ADL. It takes about 45 mins to throughly see all the plants and walk to every corner. You’ll also find it every interesting that the flowers changes every 3 months.
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队长 大使馆The Art Gallery of South Australia, established as the National Gallery of South Australia in 1881, is located in Adelaide.It is the most significant visual arts museum in the Australian state of South Australia.
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pxy0705The Barossa Valley in Adelaide is Australia's most famous wine producing area, and many famous Australian wineries are located here. The most famous of them are Jakars and Penfolds, which are also the main tourist destinations in Adelaide. You can come to visit various wineries, which will surely make you feast.
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小蘑菇阿咪The State Library of South Australia is the information collection center of South Australia. It is located in the North Terrace Cultural District and is open seven days a week (except public holidays). There are 3 buildings in the library: the award-winning contemporary Catherine Helen Spence Wing with an iconic glass foyer, the 19th-century Victorian magnificent Mortlock Wing, and the listed Mortlock Wing. Entered the Institute Building of 1861 Cultural Heritage. Huge stone pillars, golden walls, wrought iron retro railings, and glass transparent domes, all of which seem to have come out of the Harry Potter School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, made the South Australia State Library selected as one of the "World's 20 Most Beautiful Libraries". The predecessor of the State Library of South Australia was the South Australian Literacy Association founded in 1834. After several changes of name, it was changed to the current name of the State Library of South Australia in 1967. The current museum also houses the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia and the National Archives of Australia. Picture 1-2: The Society Building built in 1861; Picture 3: The Mortlock Wing, built in 1884, called Jervois Wing in 1967, and named Mortlock Wing after 2003; Picture 4-7: Motlock The interior view of the Ke Wing Library. The electric lights in the library were installed in 1914. The Dent and Sons wall clock at the end of Figure 7 was installed in 1887. It was 50 pounds at that time, which is equivalent to today’s 3,000 US dollars. Now it needs to be wound once a week. Accurate travel time; Picture 8-9: Interior view of Katherine Helen Spencer Wing; Picture 10: Observe the Mortlock Wing next to Mortlock Wing through the glass windows of Katherine Helen Spencer Wing.