South Gippsland Shire
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Things To Do in Foster

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Swimming Pool
zhweieiThis long embankment is an internet celebrity check-in point when it arrives. It happens to be the afterglow of the sunset and the sunset on the water of the bay. The beauty here is so beautiful. You must come in person and look much better than the photos. Sit quietly at the end of the embankment As the setting sun slowly falls to the water level, the orange-red sunset glows on the entire lake. Quiet and beautiful, it is worth your visit.
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National Park
GLS***66Fantastic park and scenery
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_ZF***20it's a mini zoo. kangaroos, ducks, and peococks are walking around. you can feed kangaroos. you can take photos with coalas(30 dollas).
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小思文Phillip Island is a small island in Melbourne. The building environment is very good. The natural ecology of the island is very sound. It has very independent plant and animal species. It is interesting to visit and enjoy it slowly.
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小思文The chocolate factory is a typical good place to see lots of interesting items in the factory, the chocolate factory has many settings which are interesting to see the process of chocolate making and taste some special chocolates
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M26***67Recommended by children, but the weather is very important. In good weather, you will see the most beautiful angle of the island, facing the sea and the spring flowers are blooming. The gift shop inside sells Australian lanolin. I especially want to buy it after reading the sheep shearing. The knife was found in the supermarket later. It was 1.5 dollars for activities, which was the same. There are several kinds of lanolin, and they are all sold in supermarkets. They are generally excellent, cost-effective, and have a nice view.